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Do you sometimes think that everything is kind of boring?

Asked by tups (6709points) May 18th, 2012

I’m not sure how to put this. Sometimes I feel like everything is a little bit boring and that it’s all just a way to make time pass. A way to fill out the day, the week, the year. I stay at home, feel good, but then think about how fun it could be to go out. Then, some other time I go out and party and think about how nice it could be to be home. I go to school, go home, do some social activities, sleep, then repeat. Do you ever feel like this? Like there’s something missing or that life is just like this? Do you even have a clue what I’m talking about? If you have a clue and feel like this, what do you do about it?

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No, I was just watching three birds engaging in courtship behavior outside my window.

Is it possible that you are depressed? You might take the Mayo Clinic Depression Self-Assessment.

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@marinelife I’m not depressed at this point in my life.

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Yes, I know what you are saying, @marinelife is right, being generally bored can be a sign of mild depression. You might not even realize it. But, further than that, no, nothing is boring. Literally nothing on this planet (save for politics)....everything is extremely complex, perfect, and it is beautiful that we are alive and here. Trees. The miracle of life. Cells. The Milky Way. Come on.

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@deni I agree. I don’t often feel like this, just sometimes. I think I might have put it the wrong way. I can see the beauty in many things. Life is indeed fascinating.

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If I do, I know it’s me. I’m boring if I’m bored. You know the saying, “Get a life?” You make your life what it is boringwise.

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@eiram You need to plan things to look forward to I think. A trip, a luncheon with friends, some sort of break in the monotony. Plan what you like to do, not just simply latching on to someone else’s plan or event like a party. The planning of the event will create some distraction, and then actually doing it is a break from the boredom you might be feeling.

Plus, when you do feel happy, really notice it, focus on it, be happy about the happy, it will last longer and I think you will feel less bored.

I do know what you mean, life can sort of feel ho hum, but you can change it.

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Yeah, I don’t do anything about it. I’m just going to walk around like the animal I am until I die. : )

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@Blackberry Are you satisfied with that?

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I used to fear change until I learned that change is the cure for this kind of thinking.

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relevant (Louis C.K., from the show).

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This is like the question what is life about. When you break it down to absolute basics, that is what life is, existing until you die. You do have choices about what you do along the way to make it more or less exciting, fulfilling, whatever, but basically you are living until you die.

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Yeah, alot, especially the older I’ve gotten. Also, when I’m in a bad mood there is almost nothing that can motivate me.

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I would say that I definitely feel less passion for things in general the more I age.

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It’s only boring if you let it be boring. As @rooeytoo astutely notes, the choices you make determine what happens in your life; if you choose for what you’re doing to be boring, then it WILL be boring. If you want to be existentialist about it, though, then @rooeytoo is also correct: at its fundamental level, life has just one purpose, and it’s solely biological: producing the next generation. Once that’s done, we’ve completed our existence. However, our lives are more than just biology, and the societal expectations and constructs that are in place means we have the potential to do more than just have sex, and the choices we make about how we lead our lives lead to fulfillment, or the potential thereof.

However, what some of the others are saying is also true: feeling “bored” can be a symptom of depression (mild or not). Possibly something to check out, if you exhibit other symptoms.

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omg I am 2 for 2, on a roll!!!

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Everything is kind of boring? I guess I haven’t experienced feeling that way. Well maybe because I haven’t tried everything yet, see-? Although there were a few times in the past where I’ve asked, what the heck’s the point in all of these-? I felt everything was pointless…but not to the point of being boring. Wait, what-?

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If you think it might be depression, but not exactly sure what is going on, My question would be, do you have some close friends you llove talking to and being with? Being lonely is often a cause of depression. Feeling on the outside or not connected to people. If you think this might be the case, seek new friends, or reach out to ones from the past who were good for you, who you really enjoyed being with.

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@eiram Yep :)

@tom_g One of the greatest quotes, ever.

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No, no I don’t.

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@JLeslie I’m not depressed, really. I don’t feel like this often, just sometimes. That’s it. I do find the world fascinating and beautiful at most times. Everything changes.

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I am rarely bored. I think it’s important to just be able to in-joy your beingness. Do you ever think just how freaking AMAZING it is to just be ALIVE” Damn…just existing is a MIRACLE!
Use your senses to take in your world, marvel at your own amazing being, get out in nature and just BE a part of t all.

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No, because I always feel like there’s something to be done, or something new to read or learn, or sometimes… I just need a nap or to relax and watch a movie.

I keep a running “wish list” of books, music, movies, things to learn, etc. When I have any free-time, I refer to this list and tackle one of them.

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