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Very weird question for those who are good at interpreting dreams?

Asked by Repo_the_Genetic_Opera (433points) May 22nd, 2012

I had a dream very recently that I ate the musician Skrillex/Sonny Moore. I really wonder what this dream means. I checked a few books about dreams out from my local library, but with no luck. Can anyone maybe clear up what this dream means?

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Eating anything in a dream can signify a need to satisfy emotional desires or cravings. Perhaps you really like Skrillex’s music a lot, and you crave hearing it or it feels satisfactory to you in some way, so in your dream you ate him.

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In dream symbolism, eating other people represents sex.

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It means you’re a closet cannibal with sadistic serial killer fantasies.
Tell me, do you have a fascination with rope and knives? lol

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I’m not being flippant, but there really is no solid evidence for dreams having these types of meanings. It’s similar to astrology in that it’s just some fun pseudo science that’s fun to mess around with, but isn’t actually real.

If you actually want a better solution, you should evaluate things going on in your life as they are and deal with them. Making decisions based on dreams isn’t as accurate as dealing with the actual problem in front of you while awake.

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I once had a dream which for some reason has lingered in my memory for over twenty years now. I saw my former boss dressed as a court jester, complete with bells and bladder leading a group of people. They were all dressed in white and carrying circular blue placards with Arabic writing. It all took place in the city where I was born and brought up. It was at night under street lighting with snow on the ground which had turned an urban grey. The whole issue was brought to an abrupt end by a policeman.

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I’m going to offer my standard interpretation for dreams. When you are dreaming, your mind has a tendency to mash all of the different things that it is thinking about into one dream. Your brains starts to make connections between things that no rational mind would ever consider similar. A dream is simply a conglomeration of all of the different things you were thinking about at the time.

So here is what I think. While dreaming, your brain thought about that person’s music, making you think about the actual person. At the same time, your brain thought about food.
Then your brain thought: Eating + Musician = Eating Musician. And so, that is what occurred in your dream.

This same principle helps to explain why I have had dreams in which I built nuclear weapons out of legos and had them launched by the space shuttle.

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@Blackberry Agreed. I can usually trace mine back to little snippedts of thought I didn’t chew on during the day.

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It’s hard to interpret someone’s dream unless you know their mind and their life pretty well. If you really want to know what it means, go to psychoanalysis for awhile and bring it up.

@PhiNotPi lol4rl

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Eating a musician, does this mean if you ate too quickly you’d end up farting like a trumpet?

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It could probably mean anything. Maybe it means that he tastes really good and you ought to eat him, who knows.

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Yeah, that’s probably it. I’ll find where he lives.

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