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"Baby don’t hurt me, no more."?

Asked by cyreb7 (222points) October 7th, 2008

I was browsing Fluther, and I found the weirdest thing.
If you go to the Fluther main page, and click on “ What the…? ” next to your lurve than click on ” Baby don’t hurt me, no more. ”...
I don’t know about you, but I am totally scared by it. I don’t know if it is supposed to be there, but if it is, it is the scariest thing I have seen in a long time

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Laugh! Yeah, I saw that some months ago. Hilarious!

It’s not nearly as scary as, say, the Hasselhoff Recursion… it seems to me.

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I never saw that!

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Lightweight! Wait until you see Ben in the Poo hat. :)

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Of course it’s supposed to be there. “What is love/lurve, baby don’t hurt me.”. Get it?

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I think I am too young to get it. And yes “Hasselhoff Recursion” is way worse.

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huh. how are you too young to get it?

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All I know is I don’t have a clue what it means. And I assume I haven’t watched the TV show or something.

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@cyreb7 isnt that from “that 70’s show” that was just on within the last 5 years with Ashton Kercher?

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It is from A Night at the Roxbury.

Actually it is from a skit that was on SNL which they later turned into to the movie linked to above.

edit :: to correct a mistake I made.

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When I found it I almost fell out of my chair laughing!!! I thought is was just so random!!!

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< < cannot believe that Zaku isn’t getting a bajillion lurve points for the Hasselhof Recursion. Simple in execution. Majestic in implication. Scary as hell. Well played!

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When you are right, robmandu, you are right! Lurve to you, Zaku, even though you may have given me nightmares!

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* stares at computer screen in horror *

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Dances along

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Astro!!!! Omigosh!!! I have seen this link, clicked on it, the whole thing SOOO many times, and i still had NO idea why it was there!!!!!

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