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Would you think someone weird if they were strolling along with a cat in a stroller or a papoose type carrier?

Asked by tinyfaery (43489points) July 23rd, 2008

My boy cat loves to be out and see new things. I’ve noticed on the internet that there are strollers and such to take cats out for walks. Is this just too weird? I might feel a bit self-conscious.

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no way! I’ve always wanted to do that! lol

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Just borrow one of the neighborhood kids to tag along and you’ll be fine ;)

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That sounds fun and adorable! I’m going to look this up, and I may purchase one.

(I can tell I’m going to be a crazy Mom if I ever become a parent because I am so in love with my babygirlcat that I have no shame in doing things like this…)

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I see more and more of it. As long as you and the cat enjoy it, why worry about perceptions? (Although I was worried for the two cats that I saw attending a “Walk for the Animals” benefit walk surrounded by several hundred dogs of unknown temperament.)

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Yes.. That’s rather odd. But I say go for
It! :) everything is odd these days.

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I would only think it was too weird if the cat were also dressed in a bonnet and held a bottle. =)

A stroller isn’t so bad. Cat’s hate leashes, so I think a stroller-type carrier would be an appropriate alternative to the traditional walking method. =)

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No, I think it’s wonderful when people do that. It’s also pretty awesome when a cat goes along for a stroll without any restraint. I was amazed when I first saw that some years ago, but some cats will just do it, even with dogs in the party. It’s pretty fun. Taking a cat to the beach can be fun too. All at your (and the cat’s) own risk of course. But hey, what are nine lives for?

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If you put a cigar in its mouth and had random sound clips of Marlon Brando playing from inside the stroller I could see that turning heads. Otherwise I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it.

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I find myself image-googling “cat on head” and wanting to share this – I must really not want to do the remaining things on my to-do list today…

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Not at all! My cat used to travel everywhere with me… She “Timber” my cat would even ride in my convertible. And just in case, to those who notice this is all past tense, Timber past away of natural causes.

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@Zaku; haha!!

@sccrowell; I’m sorry about your loss. =(

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The word that comes to my mind is “eccentric” and there is nothing wrong with that at all.

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Hey if you enjoy it and the cat enjoys it, why not? I’ve never seen these cat strollers, is there something to keep them from jumping out and running away?

When I was in college a girl brought her kitten to class in her backpack. She said she was hiding him from her dad and didn’t want to risk him find the kitten while she was in class. It was a little strange hearing a muffled meow every once in a while. Somehow the teacher never noticed or didn’t care.

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As long as you are sure your cat would not dart away from you is something frightened him. For example, a loud noise very near him. If you have a way to safely secure him, why not? I know people who take their birds on outings.

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Well this was helpful.
Mushroom (boy cat) loves to walk on a leash, but I only let him do it in our housing complex; there are too many dangers on the street. I want to take him to the park or the beach. Now I don’t feel like such a freak. Thank you flutherites!

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In Seattle, I once saw a dude riding the bike path with his cat on his shoulder, which is weirder than what you’re suggesting by any measure.

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@Kevbo I’d say!

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different but if you love em why not.

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Go for it and enjoy it. If you get an odd stare, look right back at them like THEY are the strange ones!!

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housecats are for houses. kthxbi.

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Yeah and trix are for kids, but that silly rabbit sneaks some anyway!

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borrowing from Nike “Just do it!”

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And take a picture of it!

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Yes, a bit weird. But who cares?

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This one?
Or this one?

I can go either way. I’m leaning towards the 2nd one.

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I like the huggable one. It makes kitty look less caged.

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That’s a hard choice…the first one does make the “kitty look less caged” as delirium said but then again the second one looks like he’d have more room to move around and get comfortable.

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If your cat is the skitish type, I’d go with the second one. It looks like it would be too easy to freak out and escape the first one, leaving claw marks all over your shirt.

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My brothers and sisters and I used to stroller/wagon the cats around all the time. It was fun.
Wierd…I was waiting for a cab at LAX once, and a long-bearded man in a dress walked by pushing a tiny stroller with a doll inside. THAT was weird.

Cat prams= not weird, but funny.

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The second one for sure, in case you come across any dogs!

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No, it would make me smile :)

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Cats + people stuff = victory

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Cats + Any kind of people oriented thing = win.

PS. That’s a theramin, for you curious minds out there.

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I get strange looks when I am holding the dogs leash and he is holding the cats leash. He will not let anything or anybody bother his little buddy! He is a german shepard and will not walk to fast for the cat and will even stop if the cat does. Yep, People think that is wierid.

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@justwannaknow that is the absolute cutest thing I have ever heard on Fluther. I wish I could give you more than one “Good Answer”. Do you have pictures of those little babies going for a walk?

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No, Never thought about it. I suppose I should.

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Go for it! I did that with my pet monkey and she used to love it.

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