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Does anyone else get shivers when they file their nails?

Asked by arnbev959 (10906points) May 28th, 2008

Whenever I file my nails or even hear the sound of someone else filing their nails a weird tingling shiver runs up my spine and through my body. Does this happen to anyone else? Why does it happen?

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YES! I hate that feeling. Not sure why it happens, but it has the same affect as the nails running down the chalk board.

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yes, even the thought of getting my nails done makes me want to cry uggghhh

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as soon as I read your question, I got the shiver down my spine. I don’t file my nails just because I get that horrible feeling just from the thought! Nail clippers all the way!!

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I’ve never used a file and never will. Anytime I hear that sound, I shiver an wince in pain. Its horriable. Files should be destroyed!

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Hahhaha this is crazy that you asked this question. I was just arguing about this with my mother the other day. We were having a discussion and she randomly started to file her nails. I was aghast ! I felt like the blood was draining away from my face lol. I finally couldn’t take it and yelled “STOP IT STOP THAT NOISE”, and she looked at me TOTALLY clueless. She was like “what noise??”. She couldn’t hear it….....and I couldn’t believe that, so I kept going “sshhh listen…....!” But she just looked at me like I was crazy. One more reason for her to think I am a nut job haha.

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I can’t stand the sound of packing peanuts rubbing together, either (or any similar material). Same effect.

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No, but I do get the shivers when I hear the flaps on corrugated cardboard boxes rubbing against each other.

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Not filing but if I have a small tear and then get a snag running my hands through my hair…AHHHGGG.

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i do too!! I sometimes get that feeling in my teeth too its unpleasant

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No, but my mum’s dog hides under the sofa whenever he hears the sound.

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anyone know why it happens?

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oh my gosh, funny you bring this up, someone i am newly friends with through college can not STAND it. they immediately have to remove themselves from the room.

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Oh my gosh yes!! I thought it was just me ugh I get a shiver down my spine it’s horrible I can’t even look

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