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I hate fresh cut fingernails. How do I make this feeling go away sooner?

Asked by nighttripper (162points) May 28th, 2008

I just cut them and they’re all jagged and keep scratching me. What could I do to make them smooth out sooner without having to use a nail filer (I can’t stand the sound or feeling of those things)

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Run your nails roughly against the grain of your jeans – when I’m short a nail file I let the denim do the work for me. Bonus: GREAT scratch for the skin under the jeans!

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I hate this to. OH how I hate this to. What I suggest is cut them just after you shower, bath or do the dishes. Anything that keeps your hands wet for a while. Then your nails are soft and you wont have that type of an edge. It works like a charm

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I agree with the above. Just out of the shower helps a lot. Ever try using a nail buffer instead of a file?

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use a nail clipper, a good one, instead of a scissor.

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Get a buffer my friend. Small poufy abrasive pad that smooths out the edges. Don’t worry, it’s cool to be metro these days.

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Hey there night tripper
*simple solution:
Clip the nail down to the nail-bed to which there is no nail…DUH!
(do not clip to the pink for that will probably hurt)
p.s. the ‘DUH’ was meant for playful gander

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