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What computer Role Playing Games have the best Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Wisdom?

Asked by talljasperman (21734points) May 23rd, 2012

I would like to play a role playing game where a computer plays on my team and can think for its self and not have to be constantly overridden by the player. I would even like to play a game in where the AI can take turns at being team leader without getting everyone killed. I liked Star Trek Bridge Commander where you can let the tactical officer take over the battle and you can do other things or watch and override when necessary. Can you suggest any other games that have good AI teammates or AI team leaders with actual leadership skills?

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None. It currently takes a supercomputer to approach AI and a large bank of machines to handle impressive AI jobs such as machine learning. There are no AW (Artificial Wisdom) machines… Yet. What passes for AI and Artificial Wisdom in games is human intelligence and wisdom programmed into the game. It’s all a series of if/then programming. Not bneing a gamer, I can
t offer any suggestions. My concern was with the question’s premise. But I can ask my son. He’s not only a gamer, he works in the industry. He’s also a 1st Lt. in the Army National Guard with one deployment to Afghanistan under his belt, so he has a pretty good idea of how successful team leaders behave.

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There exists a game for the gamecube called Tales of Symphonia. Their combat system has you and up to 3 COM teammates fighting any given battles. The AI might not be the greatest, but the system settings allow for you to tailor the behavior of your teammates quite nicely. So, for example, if you’re tired of playing the front-lines damage dealer, you can take command of the healer or wizard and set up your COM team to be your muscle.

I know you asked for computer games, but this is the only relevant title I can think of.

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So far, I’ve only seem one decent AI in a game, and it was for the other cars on the track in TOCA 3, an old PS2 racing-sim. AIs are, at best, “dog brains”, and often the dog whose brain they emulate is an autistic Golden Retriever. The AI for your teammates in the Shadowrun game for the Sega Genesis was pretty good in it’s day and still marginally competent by today’s standards. And Warzone 2100 isn’t bad either, if you set the controls properly. The only problem with WZ2100 is that if a damaged unit returns to base for repairs, it won’t return to it’s unit after repairs are completed, but the game was released in 1999, so it’s obviously a bit simple by today’s standards.

Artificial wisdom does not exist, and leadership depends more on wisdom than intelligence.

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