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How do you define your generation?

Asked by spendy (1446points) May 28th, 2008

This question is really coming from a personal dilemma. Check this out:

My husband is younger than two of my siblings, but also has a daughter who is just a few years younger than me (from a previous marriage). My best friend is only 4 years younger than my husband, but her daughter is my age. However, the parents of my husband and best friend are the same age as my parents. I have friends whose parents are just a few years older than my husband and best friend. What the heck? Is there even a “my generation” anymore?

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is this an SAT math question?

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you would think so :) I’m confused on a daily basis.

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Spendywatson- I don’t even know what generation I am in and am not going to bother looking it up. I feel, however, like people of my generation have a certain kinship with the microwave oven.

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Ignorant and apathetic.

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what’s the difference?

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I don’t know, and I don’t care!

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I think my generation is to much into Fluther

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The ‘meh!’ generation

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Looks like most of you didn’t actually read the description (tsk-tsk)

I wasn’t asking what adjective you use to describe your generation. I was asking how you define your generation, as in, which one you belong to (not insinuating that it actually matters…just an interesting question considering the dynamic of today’s families).

Okay…try again.

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Well I looked up generation on wiki and apparenty I’m part of generation Y (1982–2002). Also known a the google generation, the myspace generation, the I generation, etc. I guess that your generation determines what trends are put at the time or what its popular. I think of my specific generation as anyone in their early teens to late twenties. Anyone who has a myspace, has watched the vmas or trl when Carson daly was cool, who had an iPod or cd player and doesn’t know who to use “cassette tapes”....the list goes on

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@nayeight, that make a little sense. Even then, it still seems confusing. That just means that my older sister and I are part of different generations. Seems to contradict the definition that has been in place for so long. Most people think of generations as a group of offspring from the generation before them, etc.

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Generation AWESOME.

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I think that you belong to the generation that you conect with the best. Is not a matter of age but rather believes…

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Sandwich Generation- caring for both younger and older generation simultaneously.

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I think generations and ages stop mattering once you leave high school.

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Generation X

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My ‘meh!’ generation would be those that grew up in the 80’s/90’s and after all the hu-ha from the 60’s, 70’s and a little of the punk movement in the early 80’s just went ‘meh!’ because our parents were too busy reminiscing or trying to be cool to be bothered with and we had everything provided to us on demand, first telly, then game consoles and later computers and mobile phones. We have nothing to rebel against or purpose to fight for – as a generation.
– We paved the path for the emo generation who took it one step further (sorry about that folks).

I would define ‘my generation’ as being those who grew up in a similar time as me, watched the same telly, wore the same (awful) fashion, listened to the same (mentally scarring) music or played the same games as me.

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I’ve always been fond of the term Generation Rx.

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I’m so used to talking with older people in our area…and the phrase “your generation” always pops up somewhere. I’m thinking to myself, “Yeah, like I even know which generation that is.” I get what everyone is saying…and I agree. I just think that with such mixed ages within a family/community, it can become difficult to identify with just one generation. My youngest sister and my husband are definitely from two different generations. She’s 25 and he’s 45. I guess the question should literally have been – What Generation Am I From? I don’t identify with one more than the other.

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obnoixious, spoiled, concieted, ungreatful, slowly becoming stupiter…. But then again I’m all of those things… I might be one of the only ones in my generation to admit it though…

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I think there is a “generation” and there is a “mental maturity”. I personally am 44 years old, however being raised by my grandparents can identify with their “generation” better than my own so to speak so I feel more comfortable when in the company of “age” older persons.

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