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Audio recording software for Mac or PC?

Asked by anonyjelly16 (747points) May 29th, 2008

I need a quick and easy method of recording decent quality audio on a mac or PC. I am just going to be speaking into a microphone and recording some stuff that I need to learn so the voice quality doesnt need to be fantastic.

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Well if you’re on a mac you could you Garageband, or some freeware such as Audacity (a fairly basic program).

I hate to give you this link but it is a great place to browse for mac audio-related software: “Downloads”:

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There’s a great app on mac by Rogue Amoeba called Audio Hijack Pro that can hijack the audio from any application to a variety of formats, but can also record from various inputs on your mac.

For PC, there’s an app called Freecorder that just records whatever the current output of your sound card is (so be careful to not trigger any system sounds while recording or this will be included) – not 100% sure as to whether it will capture from specific inputs though.

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Audacity: – both Mac and Windows.

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Audacity is another good free recording application for PC.

Also, if you’re just recording simple audio, you can’t go wrong with Sound Recorder in windows. (Start-Programs-Accessories-Entertainment-Sound Recorder). Just make sure that your microphone is not muted because it is usually muted by default. Double-Click on the speaker icon in the task bar and click on Options-Advanced and select Recording to change the recording volumes and options.

EDIT: oops, looks like we were typing in our responses at the same time!

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I second the garageband call. Really simple, intuitive software. Alternatively, this might do the job:

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I have also used Audio Hijack Pro. It has some great and unique features.

Audacity is free and works great as well.

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you can easily use GarageBand on the mac. And the built in help is superb. I can’t remember exactly how to record your own voice though. Look in the help in GarageBand. Then you can export it to iTunes and listen to it on your iPod. If you need to memorize something, I suggest doing what I just said and putting in lyrics for what you recorded so you can follow along while it’s being read, or use keynote (that you would have to buy for the mac if you don’t have it), and make a presentation of what you’ll be saying. Then select the first slide and record your presentation. Then you just narrate and select when to go to the next slide. Then you get that in a movie format and you can watch it. Both of these
methods work wonderfully with the built-in microphone in MacBooks, MacBook airs, MacBook pro’s, and iMacs. But you can use an external microphone if you have it.

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Just to re-iterate once more in case they haven’t been mentioned enough times already, Audacity or Garageband.

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I tried using Garageband today—its actually not too bad. I watched a couple of youtube videos on it and was able to start using it within a few minutes. Guess there is something to this whole “mac is easy” blah blah :-)

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Pro Tools is the Industry Standard if you are going to move into the professional level I recommend you at least look at their LE solution for $75 or pro version for $199

Sounds like you already have a decent set of cheaper or in some cases “came in the box” solutions!

Good Luck either way!

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another option is Ableton Live but that costs a fair bit I think (also, sorry I didn’t provide a link, I’m on my phone).

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