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Who was the actress that Family Guy made fun of by making her eyes slowly drift apart?

Asked by stemnyjones (3974points) May 26th, 2012

In an episode of Family Guy, someone made a quip about an actress’ eyes, then they cut to a clip where a movie was being shot. The actress was sitting at a restaurant table with a man and talking to him, and while she was talking her eyes slowly started drifting apart, until they were completely off her face. The director stopped the scene and a man stepped in and pushed her eyes back together onto her face.

Who was the actress they were poking fun at? And, even better, does anyone know where I can find a clip of this? I searched Youtube as best as I could, but without the actress’ name, I’m not coming up with anything.

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I like Family Guy as much as the next person but sometimes even I don’t get some of their dark humor. I have a large white dog that is the caricature of Brian and I finally figured out the scene where he would repeatedly and involuntarily bark at the black guy every time. duh

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