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Which phone should I get out of these 7?

Asked by ashxmy_lovee (161points) May 26th, 2012

The T-Mobile plan I want has few choices for phones. I am deciding between the Samsung Dart, Samsung Gravity Smart, LG Optimus T, Samsung Exhibit II, MyTouch Q, Nokia Lumia 710, and the T-Mobile Prism. I go on the internet a lot and text more than call. Which one should I choose?

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Of those, I would go for the Samsung Exhibit II. The others have some combination of too-small screen, missing features, wrong OS (Lumia 710? Really?), or bad reviews for me to like them.

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Out of those, I would go for the Samsung Exhibit II as well. It’s got a larger screen, and from the reviews I’ve read, it seems pretty good.

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Nokia Lumia 710. Its a great little phone with a smooth OS.

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@J0E A nice-looking OS with plenty of features I don’t want, lacking features I do want, and riddled with DRM. If you like it, great, but not only can I not recommend any Windows phone, I feel a duty to strongly advise against them.

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@jerv Lucky for you I wasn’t recommending you buy one.

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@J0E As someone who spends much of their lunch break at work on the ‘net, and typing on forums, I value the ability to surf the ‘net and the ability to type rather highly. Since the OP’s needs seen to match my most common use scenario, I felt it relevant.

Dolphin Mini + Swype = better than anything I’ve seen on iOS or WinPhone.

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