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New "Light Time-Out" on Nokia N97?

Asked by xTheDreamer (890points) February 16th, 2010


So I finally could of update my Nokia N97’s firmware to v20 and after the update I have notice the new things. One of them, which I found was very handy now, is the new “Light Time-Out” thing.

So by this I mean, usually when the light times-out the phone screen will become black/blank and when you want to see something again you have to press the menu/option button.

But since the update I notice that the Light Time-Out thing it dims the light slowly then it dims it again to a point where it’s a bit dark but you can see your home screen and when you want to see something you don’t have to press the menu button anymore you just tap your phone screen and the light turns back on.

I had that last night for only a few hours but after that it’s now back to the original Light Time-Out way/thingy, like you have to press the Menu button to turn on the lights.

Was it me that I thought there was a new “light time-out” thing or is it for real? Because now I have seemed to have lost that way for my phone :/

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Its gonna blow up! throw it away!

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A few days ago, the “light time-out” of my n97 stop working for no reason.. i dont know why that started to happen.. now, if i dont hit the trigger buton, my phone doesn’t turn off the light… very odd!! :S

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