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Does the screen of a Samsung D900i really break in 2 weeks?

Asked by klaas4 (2186points) January 18th, 2008


I’m interested in a D900i phone. Love the functions, like it’s been made for be. But on most review-sites, I read that the screen already breaks in 2 weeks, even when you don’t drop it on the floor.

Is this true? Please answer properly and only if you have (had) one.

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I’ve had the d900i for 8 months and its broken twice just through general usage. The screen blanked the first time and the second 3 months later (2 weeks ago) a huge crack was seen on the screen UNDER the glass plastic coating. On both times all i did was power it up!

They repaired it saying it was no longer in warranty (they wont fix screens anymore it seems i wonder why) which means I’m lumbered with a 60 pound bill.

Ive now got an iPhone, the contracts have gone down and they are built like tanks.

I will never buy a Samsung phone ever again, my friend had the same problem with another type of Samsung phone. Avoid the brand like a dose of the clap.

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I had mine for 2 days then had it in my pocket at work, I lightly dumped it on a drawer handle & the screen under the top layer shattered…place I bought it from says not covered for ANY warranty & its almost the same price as buying a new phone of the exact same type to replace only the screen. One would think being a phone without flip-top would atleast have a semi durable screen, not one that my 2 month old nephew could shatter. Peice of s**t, do not buy!

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I have an iPhone now, so I don’t need a Samsung anymore. Thanks for replying though.

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