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Who might do something like infect Middle Eastern Govrnment computers with Flame, an industrial strength data vacuum cleaner?

Asked by ETpro (34428points) May 28th, 2012

Computers across Middle East have for the past 2 years been infected with Flame, “an industrial vacuum cleaner for sensitive information.” The malware was recently identified in Iran. Who might even consider doing such a thing?

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The Great Satan and its minions, for example.

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Any security agency of a country that Iran considered an enemy would be completely incompetent if they did not try to use cyber espionage to collect data. Jeez. How many countries might that be? Well, easier to start with all the countries in the world. Subtract Iran… I guess. Then subtract all the countries that can’t afford it. Ok, so, we’re down to some 200 countries or so, I guess. Oh hell, let’s just cut it down to fifty countries to be conservative.

The Great Satan is surely among those.

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The Great Satan and the Joos might do that. One or both together.

I wouldn’t be unhappy about it either way (or is that three ways?). It’s better than a shooting war.

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Kind of makes you wonder

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@ragingloli, @wundayatta & @jaytkay Let’s see, three votes for The Great Satan and @wundayattas accurate answer, easier to count the few nations who wouldn’t.

@josie Kind of makes me proud. Needless to say, the viral antidote has to be well understood, because now that the marks Iranians are onto it, they will reverse engineer it and claim they invented it.

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I wonder if they are starting to send out tons of fake info yet?

Armeen: How was Ramadan?
Keyumars: Pretty typical.
Armeen: How are the nukes coming along at plant 7.
Keyumars: The one under the children hospital in Tehran?
Armeen: Yeah.
Keyumars: Good. Should be able to nuke Israel any day now.
Armeen: Just to confirm, the children’s hospital at Farabi Hospital‎ in Qazvin Sq.

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@johnpowell If they weren’t before, they are now.

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