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Free virus killing software?

Asked by fortris (680points) March 8th, 2009

My PC has a bad case of the bugs, anyone know some good virus protection with a trial or something, because Trend Micro ain’t cuttin it.

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My free virus removal software is the Recovery CD that ships with my computer. Guaranteed to fix anything software related. Back to factory settings!! I never run AV, it annoys me.

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@Ownage HELL NO. I don’t have a backup drive.

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1 Partition the HDD.
2 Put your files on this back up partition.
3 Reformat the Vista partition and reinstall.
4 Put files back.
5 Go have a beer

For some types of spyware at least even the best of the best programs like AdAware never remove it completely (at least from my personal experience). Reformatting is the only 100% guaranteed way to fix any software problem

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ANNDD explorer just crashed. So now I have no taskbar. But I also have over 100 GB of files and programs, so I don’t want to reformat.

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Open up your task manager, click start new task, and type in explorer.exe

Then follow Ownage’s suggestion. It is the only foolproof way to remove a virus. From now on, you know the importance of backups.

If anyone comes in here and suggests buying a Mac, I will find them and shove a Steve Jobs bobblehead up their ass.

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Buy a Mac. Or, seriously, buy a external hard drive. They are cheap.

It sounds like you are fighting a battle you won’t win. Eventually it will get were you won’t be able to visit the websites that make tools to help you. Backup now while you still can.

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Start, Run. MRT.EXE. Free from Microsoft.

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I know where you live, JP.

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@Eambos – Lurve for the whisper ;-)

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I like AVG. It has problems with Vista though.

RandomMrdan's avatar download NOD32, you’ll be happy you paid for some protection, instead of relying on free software that lacks a proactive defense. You can try it out for 30 days.

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norton is bad and costs cash,AVG is free and i have been using it for some years now never had a problem with it.LAVA soft ad-ware is a good little thing also and spy sweeper

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Virus: avast or AVG
Removal tools: Malware Bytes, Spybot Search and Destroy (will also run in the background to protect your system to a degree) Adaware
Firewall: Zonealarm

All are free but are only as good as the user controlling them.

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