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How would you feel if your daughter posed nude/provocative as a career?

Asked by chelle21689 (7639points) May 29th, 2012

I would like to know how you would feel (especially men) if your daughter appeared in skimpy clothing posing sexually. Whether she is half naked or naked.

Remember this is a career not a one or two time thing LOL

I think I would feel a bit embarassed to have my family know I did that if I were a model therefore I can’t do it.

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I’ve often wondered about that, too.

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I would be less than thrilled, to put it mildly. However, if she was at least eighteen, and explained to us that this was a thoughtful decision and seemed to have all her faculties about her… WhatamIgonnado?

I would try to dissuade her otherwise, but in the end, it’s her body, her life.

Just do long as some guy I know doesn’t mention it to me learingly. I would likely land in jail for force feeding him his teeth.

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I do not have a daughter, but knowing already how I would feel if it were my gf/x-gf/future-gf and to a lesser extent sister/mother…. I would be willing to bet I would not be very approving.

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I would be appalled, disgusted, and a little ashamed. But I’d still love her.. in the way only a parent can love someone who has done (or is doing) something incredibly foolish.

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I’d have the typical dad reaction under this scenario, my skin would crawl at the thought of dirty hairy bastard men ogling her “work”, but at the same time feel complete trust in knowing that she’s happy in what she’s doing. It is her life after all.

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I’ve just always thought it’d be creepy if that’s all men see me and are like “I saw your photos!” or if I’m just known for being sexy and seductive. Or if my family were to see my photos on accident I’d be embarassed.

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I wouldn’t be too happy about it, but I wouldn’t be able to prevent her from doing so.

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I wouldn’t like it but if she was happy doing it what the hell. It is her life.

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I’ve often wondered how Robert Thurman, a superstar in the firmament of American Buddhism, feels about the film career of his daughter Uma. If I had to guess, though, I would say he is proud of her.

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I wouldn’t be happy, of course, but money is money and she can do what she wants. I would hope I would have had made enough money at that age to have her do something else (not that there’s anything wrong with that, I would do it if I could).

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It’s her decision and I’d support her.

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Unless she’s posing nude for some portrait, I’d probably not like it BUT if she’s over 18yrs old, it’s on her what she wants to do.

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Well, you say that, @ucme and @Simone_De_Beauvoir (and I don’t doubt you in this case, as I don’t see any moral issue here, as I believe you don’t), but is that a universal approval and support for anything that your child chooses to do?

Would you “support” her decision to be a porn star? A prostitute, pimp or slaver? Where does “I’d support her” turn to “I’d counsel against that” turn to “I’d attempt to stop her”?

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@CWOTUS Well, let’s see: porn star: yes. prostitute: yes. pimp and slave: no.

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I’d draw the line at any potential career in politics, my girl’s got to have a shred of dignity left intact ;¬}

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@ucme right? i’m thinking lord jesus christ, don’t let them be pharm reps or in the military or republicans

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Worst of all, childrens entertainers!!! Say no to the clown suit angel….please!

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No. It is a job. If she was appearing in a Victoria’s Secret magazine or pageant, where she is likely to wear very skimpy clothing or if she is on the cover of Swimsuit International should I be horrified? She will be at the top of her field and earning a lot of money. I doubt the parents of models such as Heidi Klum, Elle MacPherson and the like are embarrassed when their daughters appear on the cover of a top magazine in the nude. Or perhaps my daughter is sitting for a world class photographer or artist and posing nude. That she is posing nude or in few clothes does not mean her work is demeaning.

It is a job. It might also be a step on the way to other career opportunities.

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I would be very disappointed if she chose to work in the porn industry. However, i would feel proud if she worked in the fashion industry. I personally think that there is a huge difference between the two.

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