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Started pack of Birthcontrol 12 hours late? Am I protected still? Help please?

Asked by Xkitsume (23points) May 30th, 2012

I’m taking Ortho Novum ⅓5 combined pill. Ive been on this birth control for about 2 years now. I started my pack on Tuesday (like normal) but I took the first pill 12–13 hours later than I should have. Ive been taking them at my normal time since then, and 3 days after starting my pack I was intimate (friday). I’m a little worried now that starting this pack 12 hours late may decrease my effectiveness? Am I protected still? because I didn’t miss a pill it was just late. And I’m concerned about that morning. So would starting my pack later than normal but on the same day make me unprotected? Please help if you have had a similar situation I’m kind of worried. Thankyou.
Also Its about a week before my period now and im feeling quite sick to my stomach alot. Im hoping it not because I started this pack late. Please help me, could I get pregnant?

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You could be, but the chances are really, really slim. Taking a pill a few hours late only decreases the effectiveness by a small bit, and on top of that, the likelihood that you were ovulating just 3 days after your period is very small. It seems much more likely that you feel sick for a different reason.

If you don’t get your period, go take a pregnancy test. Until then, relax.

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My GF used to be on the pill as well and in our experience you most likely will feel sick before your time of the month if you messed up the timing by that much.
As for being protected, if i’m not mistaken, you should still be because the first one is the one that sets the time, but i could be wrong.

Either way, ask a gynecologist or at the very least a pharmacist. The internet is not a substitute for competent help.

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I used to take my 1st pill of the month at the wrong time all the time when I was on the pill. I never had any problems however I have no idea about my fertility. I am now on the implant (implanon) as I am too forgetful for the pill!
Guidelines on netdoctor say that if you take it more than 12 hours late to use contraception for 7 days but you will probably be ok.
I doubt you will be pregnant but I would recommend buying a pregnancy test and doing it as late as you can stand! Some tests say you can take the test up to 5 days before a missed period however this does severely decrease their accuracy and so I am not sure if there is much point when you can just wait another 5 days and have the reading more accurate. I always used to get worried when I had missed pills etc. and did a few tests even if I just happened to have a light period if I had been really bad that month at taking them (I missed 2 days in a row) because of a few stories I have read about women having light bleeding when pregnant (I was fine!). Please do not take this as fact as I have never been pregnant and therefore never experienced bleeding when pregnant, it may just be something to bear in mind.

Tests are pretty cheap, put your mind at rest, take a test and then after your negative result go have a bath to try and sort out your sickness feeling. The more you worry the less likely it will be for your period to come anyway whether you are pregnant or not. (I know its easier said than done though!)

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Taking a pill a few hours late one time will probably not lower the effectiveness of the BC that much. Doing so repeatedly can drastically lower its effectiveness.

If you’re worried just use other protection for a little while.

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I say you are protected. If it were me, I would not worry. I am not a doctor, but I was a pill taker for many many years. For some of the years I had sex almost every day. Generally I was very good about taking my pill regularly, but once in a while I was early or late taking in by several hours. However, if your pill is a low dose hormone ones, maybe you are more at risk when mistakes are made? I am not sure just thinking out loud. I would bet money you are not pregnant.

If you are late a day take a pregnancy test. For now, don’t worry about it. Seriously, the chances you are pregnant are probably extremely low.

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I would be safe and assume that you aren’t for the next month.

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