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Help needed to find a nanny?

Asked by shineyshark (42points) May 29th, 2008

I am looking for a nanny to take care of my child and came across this nanny agency Has anyone any idea about the quality of nannies this Company offers? Has anyone used them before? Also can you recommend other agencies in Florida area?

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I am not sure which franchise you are using. Here is BBB report for the Coral Springs franchise.

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try, they do background checks

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I’m a nanny, but I don’t have much info about the situation in FL.

You could log on to and ask there. The NN isn’t a job finding forum, but it’s filled with (mostly) high quality nannies who may be able to lead you in the right direction regarding agencies.

I would also advise asking the great nannies you meet at the playground/school/classes etc how they found their jobs. Good nannies may know other good nannies who are looking for a position and may be able to tell you about some agencies.

No matter how you find your nanny, be sure to do background checks and follow your gut feelings about her/him.

Good luck!

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Is that an add for your agency? ^^

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