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How common is I-wanna-rip-your-clothes-off-right-now attraction?

Asked by wallabies (1081points) May 30th, 2012

Is it something you experience often? Never? Is it a combination of physical and personality factors? Do you regret acting on it last time, or not acting on it? Is it something you can create or develop through premeditated actions or is it either there or not there? Do you think it’s a must for a long term relationship, or are there other aspects about a person more important to you than this kind of intense attraction? Is it possible to be so attracted and yet have bad sex?

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There’s these chemical messengers, see, that are released when your brain is hit with the right stimuli. Attractive people hit you square in the glands via your brain.
It is lust, nothing useful to build any sort of relationship on (though it certainly helps hold it together).
I like to think of it as the small twigs and fluff and whatnot that you use to start a fire – it catches easily, and goes out quickly – and the logs and such, the actual fuel for a proper fire, are lit by the first pile.

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It’s very rare but amazing when it happens.

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The I-wanna-rip-your-clothes-off-right-now attraction is very common; the following through on it is rare.

That’s different from wow-this-woman-is-amazing-where-has-she-been-all-my-life-head-spinning attraction. That is very rare, and can lead to dangerous things like marriage or long term commitment.

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Not often. It is a chemical attraction. Eventually it passes.

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It happens to me a lot. I’ve almost never acted on it—probably not since I was 20, if even then. Part of it is that delaying gratification seems to heighten sexual excitement and makes the whole thing much nicer.

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I think it’s really common and I 2nd what @zenvelo wrote about the rare part being the following through.

Some people’s attractions like that are physical and others have the physicality heightened by personality.

I can say I’ve never regretted when I didn’t follow through and I have a few regrets about a few times I did follow through. Not much though, I like to pick apart to hell the intense attractions I have before letting myself indulge.

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It’s fairly common, I think. Pre-marriage, there were a few times I acted on it and a few times I didn’t. I regret one of the times I acted on it, and one of the times I didn’t.

I still feel this way about my hubby sometimes, even after being together for over 13 years. But there’s much more to our relationship than sex. We’re comfortable with each other and have the same sense of humor. Sometimes (believe it or not) I’m not even interested in sex; I just want to snuggle up and watch a movie together or something. Intense attraction is great for a marriage or long-term relationship, but not the most important thing.

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All interesting answers! Thank you for sharing. For me I think it is a little different. I can look at very attractive people and feel nothing. It is not enough to be physically attractive. There is something else. Maybe it is pheromones or maybe it is personality…or maybe it is the mixture of all three that creates this kind of intense attraction. I don’t know, but I wonder.

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