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What quite different behaviors do you admire in others?

Asked by wundayatta (58625points) May 31st, 2012

Think of two different people you admire. The more different, the better. Describe something each one has done that you admire. Explain why you admire the things each person has done.

If this is asking too much, what I’m trying to see is the different things that people admire in others. Like you might both admire someone who is a world traveler as well as someone who lived on the same patch of earth all their lives. You would have different reasons for admiring each.

You might admire a person like Donald Trump for any of a wide range of reasons. You might also admire Mother Theresa for, perhaps, a different set of reasons. These would seem to be very different people who do quite different things, and yet there might be some commonality to why you admire them, or you might admire them for quite different reasons.

Whatever the case, I’d like to know about people you admire who do different things, and why you admire them.

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For one, brevity. For the other, loquaciousness.

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I admire some people for the fearlessness that I feel that I’m lacking – an extreme example would be Jeb Corliss.

The other trait that I admire is another that I feel inadequate in – drive. The ability to formulate a plan or dream, and then do whatever it takes to get where they want to go.

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I sincerely admire @milo’s dry wit.

One thing I admire is serenity. I am always drawn to people who seem to be at peace with themselves and the the universe. People who can relax and take things as they come somehow always just knowing that everything will be all right.

I also admire people are what they believe. These are people who say they believe something and live their life in a way that reflects what they believe.

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I admire the ability to be totally yourself at any time, in any situation, despite the company. I am always very “on guard” around certain types of people (I achieve this ability when I’m drunk…..I’m myself regardless of who is around). I find this to be a very “un-needed” stress in my life….but anyways, I do admire people who can do this.

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I admire the ability to be honest at all costs. This is much easier said than done. Just remember that one time hanging out with your friend, and she/he said (regarding an outfit or a shoe or whatever), “Does this look good on me?” How many people are honest and say “No. That looks like shit on you – you should really change.”?

Seems to me I remember a movie where the main character (Jim Carey, maybe?) found himself unable to lie. Interesting premise. that would scare me!

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I admire those who are brave enough to stand up for things they believe in. For instance, Nelson Mandela or less well known, the working class women who collectively went on strike and stood up against the Ford Motor Company and the unions to fight for equal pay for women. We don’t know their names, but they were brave women.

I also admire quiet achievers who make a difference but people don’t notice. I heard about a man recently who was known as the Angel of the Gap, Don Ritchie who lived close to The Gap at Watson’s Bay in Sydney. The Gap is a common place for people to commit suicide. He saw people in need and had the courage to act and help.

So people who quietly or more prominently have the courage to stand up and act when they see a need.

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Interesting story, @Bellatrix. I wonder if Don Ritchie has been there at some point in his life. I think you almost have to have been in order to be able to walk up to people standing at the edge to offer them a smile and a cup of tea and have them feel that smile.

I think that is a wonderful behavior to admire. I wonder if we ever do anything like that here on fluther for people in similar situations. I hope so. Hell. I know we have, since people did it for me. A virtual “The Gap.”

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Strange that I’m mentioning this because I hate people like this sometimes, but this friend is a super nice person that I admire. Another, strange also the I’m mentioning her, because she’s a very helpful person, and very inquisitive.

I have a friend who is conspicuous not a skank and ostentatious, and a friend who is calm and subdued. I admire them because I can be very loud, but I don’t have a way to show it. And I know how to be composed, but then I can’t be taken seriously. I admire them for that.

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I like to be around people who pay attention to what is going around them. They pitch in to help when it is needed, and they don’t have to be told (asked) what to do all the time.

They take good care of their health and are always upbeat, even when the going gets tough.

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