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Do you color inside the lines?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30398points) May 31st, 2012

Children are taught many rules. Cultures impose mores and behavior ideals on us all.

I’ve been privileged to live in many vastly different cultures from the one I grew up in. It taught me to step back and view my own actions with a detached eye.

Can you? What do you see when you look at your own actions? How has culture shaped you?

How have you rebelled against the rules?

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I have learned to question the rules. I am not rebellious, although I wish I were. My rebellion extends to questioning and making people defend the rules. I reserve the right to not follow them if they don’t make sense. But that all depends on how much hassle there is for breaking the rules and having to deal with the consequences. Generally, if the consequences aren’t too bad, I have no problem breaking rules that don’t make sense.

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I tend to be happiest coloring within the lines of society.

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Meh, I’m pretty constrained by social norms and expectations. I wish I was more of a free spirit, frankly.

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It’s been my experience that not coloring in the lines makes for a crappy picture.
Now, if we were to get into which picture we’re coloring in the lines of, you’d see different results. I have two pictures in mind right now, on opposite sides of the same page of that cheap newsprint, and I’m using markers. Only one side is gonna look good.

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Society hates people like me.
I look at what is not socially acceptable, and I do it, just because I think that I can.

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I’m a cautious risk taker. I don’t bow to societal nit-picking and how things look, but I do consider safety factors and possible results before I take off across Europe on a motor scooter, for example. I don’t break laws as a rule, but sometimes I do. (traffic mostly) I’m not interested in the latest styles. However, I won’t jump out of an airplane on purpose.

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Most of the time I don’t consciously go outside the lines, but my nature often leads me there without any aforethought. I have always been the odd duck. I don’t conform in so many ways but it is the way I am, not born of rebelliousness. Although rebelliousness does come into play occasionally. I apparently just see things differently or see things that others don’t see at all. It has not made my life easy but I wouldn’t change it. I am old school, born of loyalty and a sense of duty, seems like that alone makes you the odd one out in many instances today.

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When I was little I used to love drawing vampire fangs on characters in comic books and stuff. Not sure what that made of me now, but otherwise, I colored in the lines, and I guess I do so today. In my head I don’t color any lines, but I’m guessing I’m not the only one. I’m also guessing it’s very rare to see an individual apply what they really think in their life and in their environment even if it’s something that wouldn’t get you arrested.

I don’t color in every single line though. Some pictures I just don’t care about, and if people don’t like it, screw it. Talking about everyday stuff like mannerisms, socialization or what normal people are supposed to do on the weekend. As far as greater subjects and issues go, I may go every which way, but other than just having an opinion it isn’t anything I often have a chance to be practical about, if ever.
It’s not like I’m outrageously different or rebellious, far from it; mostly I just can’t be arsed about a lot of things, since I don’t see the value or worth in them. That doesn’t mean they don’t have any of that stuff, it’s just to me, they don’t. So why should I bother? It’s probably not a very good way to live, and it’s also pretty conceited on my part, and as a point, I prolly just proved that I color in the lines much better than I think.

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No. But wherever possible, I try to draw the lines.

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I am generally a rule follower. But, if other cultures have different rules I can respect that, do in Rome as the Romans do, and might even adopt a few that seem more logical to put to use back home. The rules, if say we are talking about etiquette, can help everyone feel comfortable if they know them. We know how to act and know what to expect in other people’s actions. Rules like laws usually help keep society safe and just when done right.

I think I can step back and look at myself, but probably I could do it better. I wish I was better at changing the things I would like to change in myself.

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I am surprised by how few people have answered that they don’t always play by the rules. I thought that there was this image, particularly in the U.S., of the rebel who bucks the establishment and comes out on top. Nike brilliantly capitalized on this with their “Dare to be different” ad campaign, which succeeded in getting everyone to conform by buying their shoes.

I would like to be more of a free thinker, and have been labeled as such, mainly by theists who have trouble accepting my atheistic viewpoint. Mostly though I tend to conform. I am very risk adverse. The only place where I make a serious effort at being different is on my Web site, and this is admittedly a pretty risk free area. The site is devoted to ways of teaching high school math, and I try to come up with ways of presenting things differently to engage the interest of students.

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A person I have great respect for once said, “Wake up and rebel!” I try my best to be a free-thinker, and the whole concept of authority baffles me. So no, I don’t think I color inside the lines. Now that I think about it, not much about me is “normal,” but that’s a good thing.

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I like to color inside the lines. This makes for pretty pictures. I also like to color without lines, this makes for spectacular pictures. I find that I’ll be doing the first for a while and suddenly give into the craving to do spectacular.

Of course, this is all only from my perspective.

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Even if I were raised by wolves, I’d probably still color inside the lines. Less culture. More neurotic nature.

On the other hand, my husband still remembers his cousin forbidding him to color in his coloring book because he didn’t color inside the lines.

Husband: You probably wouldn’t have let me color in your coloring book either, huh?

Me: Yeah. I love you. But…[in my best Soup Nazi voice] coloring for you!

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