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Your favorite sitcom wife?

Asked by AshlynM (9457points) June 3rd, 2012

I don’t know if animated shows count as sitcoms but here’s my list.

King of the Hill – Peggy Hill
Everybody Loves Raymond – Debra Barone
Home Improvement – Jill Taylor
South Park – Mrs. Marsh, Mrs. Broflovski, Mrs. Stotch
King of Queens – Carrie Heffernan
Simpsons – Marge Simpson

You can feel free to say any others I might’ve missed.

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Modern Family – Julie Bowen’s character.

Other than that, my first thought was Debra Barone.

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I like Carrie Heffernan because of her sassy attitude.

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Claire Huxtable from The Bill Cosby Show

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Peg Bundy because I like sexually aggressive Amazons.

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Got to be Peggy Bundy!

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I liked Cheryl (Courtney Thorne-Smith) from “According to Jim”.

I could never figure out why those intelligent, capable wives stayed with their dufus husbands. Were they all that desperate? Did they really think their troglodyte mates would change?
I know, it’s TV, and I shouldn’t be reading anything into it but it sure seems to lower the bar for women’s expectations and raise it for men.

On what planet would a fat, adult child like Doug get a wife like Carrie?

And don’t get me started on Modern Family. Either she’s dumb as a post or he’s paying her a ton of bucks to hang around.

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I love Carrie Heffernan too. Also Peg Bundy and the mum in The Middle.

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Donna Reed.

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Laura Petrie (Mary Tyler Moore) on the Dick Van Dyke Show.

Actually, my secret pleasure was “Kim Warner” from Yes, Dear, played by Jean Louisa Kelly. Smart, funny, and definitely a MILF.

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Peggy Bundy. She was sassy and made me laugh all the time. “Oh, Aaaaaaaal!”

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Lucille Bluth

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Edith Bunker no question about it.

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Ok, I am going to really bring you a blast from the past. Sally from McMillan and Wife She sort of helps him think it out. Sometimes she’s smarter and more observant than he is. She is so cute and sassy. I love the way they interact and share.

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Sybil Fawlty, game over.

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I agree with both your choices @zenvelo.

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Mary Tyler Moore for being so hot

Lucy because I cry every time I watch We’re Having a Baby, My Baby and Me

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Fran (Fine) Sheffield on The Nanny because she’s absolutely beautiful and sexy and hilarious!

George Castanza’s mother, Estelle, from Seinfeld, because she’s so realistic and outrageously wrong and loud and reminds me of a couple of people I know.

Jill Taylor, Tim the Tool Man Taylor’s Wife from Home Improvement because she’s a good mother and wife, but she’s also funny and can take Tim on and call him out on his foolishness and win everytime.

Samantha Stevens, gorgeous and smart, but still fills the bill of the proper housewife of the time period.

Fran Lovett from Happily Divorced because she’s beautiful and sexy and hilarious and she still loves her husband deeply, even though he came out to her as a gay man.

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@Kardamom: We love Happily Divorced. Great show. Hot in Cleveland too.

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Helen Roper from Three’s Company.

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Fran Fine in the “The Nanny” Even though she was only there to take care of the kids you gotta believe Mr Sheffield was hittin that. So she qualifies. It had to have been her nasally laugh that melted him.

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The Nanny was worth watching just for Fran’s legs alone. Yum.

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WTF?! No props for Weezy in The Jeffersons? ;-(

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@FutureMemory She wasn’t called Ms. Fine for no reason.

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Carrie Heffernan!!! ... she has the 3 F’s…...........Funny, Fiery, FINE

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Probably Vivian Banks from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. (who was also played by two different actresses throughout the series)
I loved her for being feisty, strong and confrontational, and otherwise ditching the conventional wife role that many characters subscribed to in a lot of television shows. I don’t watch TV anymore these days though, so I denno what it’s like now.

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Cameron Tucker, Modern Family :P

He laughed uncontrollably when his young daughter learned the F word and began repeating it, over and over. So real, and one of the many reasons why I love this sitcom house wife man.

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Nobody votes for Lucy Ricardo?

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