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Do you think the iPhone will be able to get Pic and Audio messages (multimedia messages) with the new update?

Asked by trogdor_87 (1091points) May 29th, 2008

I hate that everything someone sends me a pic I have to go to all the time.

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yeah I know what u mean. You can get pics in PDF format now I think, but I hope so too LOL I love my phone but its so hard sometimes cause its not compatible with so many other things

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@ Alina1235
Yeah I guess I am going to just have to convince all of my friends to get the iPhone if it does not get fixed.

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iPhones are like everything else, at the begining is so perfect then…that reminds me of something…honey!

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@ Notreallyhere

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don’t mind me

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probably not. heres why i say no: i think apple is trying to think ahead of the game. the only reason people use mms messaging is because a standard cell phone doesn’t have th capabilities to do all out email. so why would you use what is essentially a stripped down email when you’ve got the full-fledged brother right there? its just a matter of getting your friends to send the mms to your email instead of your phone #

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