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Did you ever notice that when a person of great talent creates within a limited medium it is phenomenal?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10196points) June 4th, 2012

Imagine if you gave Picasso a coloring book and a pack of crayons. I’m thinking you’d have a very important coloring book.

Do you have any real life examples of this phenomenon? Does it have a name?

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Given Picasso’s enormous ego, I can’t imagine he would stay inside the lines. However, he was able to evoke complicated images with just a few strokes of the charcoal. It is called talent.

Horse doodle

Another horse doodle

Joan Miro Simple little four-color print sold for $17,500 in 1975.

Alexander Calder’s Mobiles

The artwork of a neighbor of mine, Ellsworth Kelly

This painting of his priced at 4 -6 million dollars.

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Listen to Arvo Part’s Fur Alina and you will hear miniminalist brilliance.

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@Rarebear I love Part’s music. Thanks for reminding me.

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What’s up with the one priced at 4 million? Is that serious? It looks like the edge of my math textbook.

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