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Where can I find a Medical Billing and Coding employment? I will be finishing school in a couple of months?

Asked by Tonya811 (4points) June 6th, 2012

When I search for Medical Billing and Coding employment, most of the employeers want you to have 1 to 2 years work experience. Who hires fresh out of college?

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I hope you didn’t go to a on-line school for this.

If you went to a actual school they should have a employment department that can help. I worked at the career center at the community college I went to and we got tons of job listings and not having experience was a known and were able to place a lot of people fresh out of school.

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One option is to look for a receptionist position in a small medical practice that will let you cross train in billing. They win by getting to pay you a bit less to start, and you can build up experience with billing to build your resume.

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Check out and take the exam to become a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) to increase your chances at getting employment, My wife took the exam and only 3 of 12 people passed it the first time, she passed but said it was difficult. Once you pass the exam you’re designated a CPC-A (Apprentice) until you have 2 years experience.

AAPC has local chapters that you can join and Job boards that can help you. Another organization that certifies medical coders is AHIMA, Your school should be aware of these organizations as well as provide you with assistance. Good luck.

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When I worked in medical records at a behavioral health hospital the person in charge used to teach a coding class, I guess he used it in his job. So, if you don’t find a specific job in coding, working in medical records might be an option and eventually move to a different department or get another job in a couple of years. Similar to @gorillapaws suggesstion, but you might prefer medical records to reception. Also, working in the business office of a hospital could be a path to what you want.

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