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Where do all the missing pens go?

Asked by spendy (1446points) May 29th, 2008

There must be an entire colony of them somewhere. I understand that people walk off with them from checkout counters and co-workers nab them from your desk…but what about in your own house? I’ve never seen one sprout legs, but maybe I’m wrong. They just always disappear.

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Same place as all the missing socks.

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They’re all at my place.

I have no shortage of pens. I have pens from places where I’ve never been before. I have pens from places I’ve never heard of. I have pens from countries where I’ve never entered. I have pens from companies that I never knew existed.

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I think they made their way to me as well. I have never bought a pen in my life, yet there are tons of them in my room, truck, and in my backpack. They just somehow gravitate my way. And its not like i go around stealing pens either, i really have no clue where half of them came from.

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Remember when people had really nice pens, like watches? I don’t.

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I have all your pens that gave up the ghost. I must have a gross of them sitting in coffee mugs in my den and not one of the bastards work.

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Astrochuck- the bastard is you must confirm that a pen no longer works before disposing of it. Who has the time?

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Surely you can’t ask me to throw out any of my babies, right?

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I suspect the communist squirrels are to blame! damn them!

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The Porcupines! (The conversation degraded to here?)

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Out hiding with the shoes thrown by the side of the road:

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How about that missing sock? lol

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I have your pens…......... and your socks. Not to mention that textbook you lost in high school.

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