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Will Everclear (alcohol) cause vegetarian gelcaps to melt?

Asked by Kraigmo (7751points) June 12th, 2012

I came up with a really strong herbal concoction. It’s strong enough to make anyone impressed if i were to sell it.

Since the herbs in the concoction are fat-and-alcohol-soluble, my base ingredient must always be either a Fat or an Alcohol.

So far, my base ingredient has been butter. But I’ve noticed that when I make the base Everclear… my concoction is far, far stronger (not even including the obvious Everclear feeling).

I want to put this stuff in gelatin capsules. But I want to use the vegetarian kind. I already know the butter-base will work.

But will the Everclear base melt the vegetarian gel-caps?

If anyone’s ever seen what happens when you pour gasoline into a styrofoam box…. I want to avoid that type of chemical reaction.

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What the hell is a “really strong herbal concoction”? And while I suspect that the answer will be “yes”, it’s easy enough to test. Just drop a gelcap into a bit of everclear and see what happens.

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Won’t most liquids that are consumable melt a gelcap? I thought they are made for powders.

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I’m going to go with yes, it will melt the gel cap!

I also want to say that your idea sounds interesting to say the least.

And I have a question… you seem like an experimenter, why did you come here instead of just dropping a caplet into some everclear and witnessing, first hand, your answer?!

LOL, Good luck!!!

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@mrrich724 I suspect too much use of his herbal concoction. The more people use drugs, the less their ability to be rational and reason. I am sure he hasn’t checked for contra-indications or potential liver or kidney damage.

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@cazzie Big LOL, and a GA. You might be right ;) LOL

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Check it out firsthand for yourself. Tried and true experimentation is the best way to get a conclusive answer.

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Put it in a dropper bottle instead ?

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@Mr Rich724 i came here cuz i havn’t bought the carrier (the capsules) yet. Just trying to save $14, in case new options open up.

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@cazzie , I’ve already skimmed through over 1,000 studies on the 3 ingredients i’m using. Plus the GRAS ingredients (FDA Generally Recognized as Safe). The only liver toxicity comes from the Everclear. I have solved that problem by lightly boiling the concoction, which removes 99% of the alcohol. I then add a bit of glycerin to replace the lost alcohol, as a preservative.

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