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Best Truth or Dare questions?

Asked by tianalovesyou (709points) June 11th, 2012

Every time my friends and I play truth or dare its always the usual. What are some funny dares and good questions?

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Dare: dress up as a pig, walk up to a cop of the opposite sex, and say sth. along the likes of:

“Oink, oink?”

(all the while winking suggestively) :D

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I think the intent behind playing truth or dare is to get the usual questions. People play it because they want to ask you to make out with someone of the same sex or tell if you’ve kissed so and so or what have you.

For good dares, both sexual and non-sexual, see the show Jackass. lol

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I have some good dares that my brother and I use on others :)

Dare: watch “two girls, one cup” without looking away
Dare: hold a living cockroach (I think they are NASTY)
Dare: Chew a piece of old gum

That’s all I got

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