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What products or merchandise from your childhood do you wish would return to the stores?

Asked by jca (36062points) June 12th, 2012

I thought of this today as I saw a picture of Dixie Riddle Cups. When I was little, the corny riddles on Dixie cups were very popular, and everyone enjoyed them. Now that I have a young child, I would love it if they returned.

I am referring to anything from food to clothing to products to anything that you can think of.

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STRETCH ARMSTRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They have him on . . . but I’m not paying $200.

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I can not think of anything.

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The really good prizes that were in Cracker Jack, not the crappy tattoos they put in there now. Link to what some of the prizes used to be like.

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@chyna: I remember they used to put little plastic charms. My grandmother made me a charm necklace with them, and now I wish I still had it.

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See Wees I lived in the bathtub with these girls for several years.

Just saw them on e-Bay for aack! prices.

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Baking Powder Dolphins.
I’ve tried to locate some baking soda & powder toys for my son and so far all I can find are the less desirable submarine ones (they just don’t work as well as the dolphins, IMO).

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I can find those everywhere but they get cat/dog hair & fuzz on them too quickly ;)@erichw1504

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Bub’s Daddy bubble gum, sour apple flavor.

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Royal cook and serve dark and sweet chocolate pudding. They just stopped making it about 6 months ago. It was only being sold in a handful of states, so my mom would order a case at a time. I have on box left in my pantry.

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[mod says] This is our Question of the Day!

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Incredible Edibles. Since Mom probably has the kit lurking around in her attic, more specifically, the Kooky Kake, Icing, and Goody Goopers ingredients, since mine were used u

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Candy in orange slice shapes that were orange colored, flavored, and sugared on the outside. I remember them as being delicious. but my taste in candy has changed.

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The pointy lawn Jarts would be nice to have again.

we used to have contests to see who could throw them the farthest straight up in the air

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Easy Bake Oven. And then they need to make a movie based on it, like they did Battleship.

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Shockers candy. I love super sour candy, and these are my absolute favorites. Just the right amount of sour combined with the right amount of sweet. They still make them, but they are nearly impossible to find. I go for years at a time before I find them again, but I just recently found them at my local Sheetz and stocked the hell up!

Those, and Wonderballs. To be honest, they weren’t even that good, but something about them was just awesome and every kid wanted one.
They were pulled off the shelves for being a “choking hazard,” or something dumb like that…~

@Sunny2 If you’re talking about candies like these, they still make them. You just have to go to a specialty/old-fashioned candy store like Candy Kitchen. If you go to a store in person, you can usually ask for just one flavor.

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Original Taco flavored Dorritos chips.

Tuna Twist powdered spice mix.

An herbal brand of shampoos that really smelled like jolly rancher candies. I didn’t have one friend who hadn’t given them a taste.

Woven cotton & raw silk blankets Cost Plus used to sell in the 1980’s for about $15.00. If you find a similar blanket now, it’s about $80—$110.

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A deliciously flavored and scented lipstick by Milkmaid. Tasted just like cherries, smelled like them but didn’t come off like lipgloss. It was thick like lipstick should be in a medium pink. The case was white metal with tiny pink flowers and leaves on it. My mother used to buy it at Bonwit Teller in Philly. I’d pay just about any amount for it now.

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Creamola Foam crystals made a delicious foamy drink when mixed with water. I liked transfers that you licked then stuck on your skin. When you peeled off the paper backing a bright image was left behind.

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Eat-a-yolk’s. I loved them when I was a kid. They brought them back, but they’re not a patch on the original one’s.
Smiley bars – loved them. Chewy orange stuff covered in chocolate.
Ah, there is so much to add to this.

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My Buddy and Stretch Armstrong

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“stretch armstrong” sounds like the name of a gay porn star specialising in fisting

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@Blondesjon We had the same contests with the jarts. Throw them as far up as possible. I got nailed square on top of the head. Bounced right off.

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Soda/pop in a glass bottle.

Cars that had plenty of room and power.

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Razzles: First it’s candy… then it’s gum!

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The original My Little Ponies – the new style ones just don’t look right!


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