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Would a woman's health be affected after many years? (Details inside)

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21494points) June 12th, 2012

Do women who make themselves up heavily throughout their lives, use body lotions and perfumes on a daily basis and wear thick make-up for years and years absorb all this stuff throught the pores and probably end up with cancer? I mean could it be one of the reasons. Knowing that skin absorbs, imagine how harmful a lifetime of using these things can be. Does it make sense?

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The only type of people I can think of that heavily make themselves up is actresses. So how many actresses that you have heard of, especially those that started out as child actresses, have the type of cancers you are talking about?

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@chyna I see your point, but surely the bloodstream is affected at some point?!
Has anyone read any articles on this issue or heard anything about it?

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No, it does not make sense or follow. I know that in the 1800 people died from lead poisoning due to wearing lead based makeup.
I know of no studies showing any carcinogenic ingredients in any makeup or lotion within the last fifty years, and even lead could not properly be said to have caused cancer.
Individuals may have allergies to specific ingredients in lotions, perfumes to makeup, or sensitivities. Some people with RAD can have attacks if they breathe some perfumes or fragrances.

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Actually, I think that because I started wearing make up so young (before they worried about sunscreen) I protected my skin, the makeup acted as a sunscreen even though that wasn’t the intention.

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To give your theory validation however, I suggest you watch The Story of Cosmetics .

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It could, but I don’t know of any research that has proven it does. It could also just as well have acted as a UV shield as @Judi suggested. I would suggest digging a little more on the likes of google if you want to find out more.

Added info, girls who wear a bunch of make up look less attractive than girls who wear none at all. I prefer my ladies with pretty much none on.

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That’s one reason why animal testing is done extensively on these substances using huge amounts of them round the clock. It doesn’t guarantee safety, of course, but removes most of the suspicion for carcinogenesis.

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Apparently, using talcum powder is now considered risky for ovarian tumors. The powder has been found caked amongst the tumorous tissues. I have an acquaintance who had this experience. She was one of the lucky survivors.

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This would be assuming that these materials cause cancer or other harm, which is not a valid assumption without a study to back it up.

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You can read some interesting info about beauty products and potential carcinogens on the Cancer Schmancer website.

This site was created by Fran Drescher after she survived uterine cancer. She is trying to help people become more aware of what they put on and in their bodies.

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