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Yahoo always has lists. This one is the 10 best interview questions. Agree?

Asked by zensky (13372points) June 13th, 2012

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That’s a really good list. I would add, “Why is the position open?” That can tell you a lot about the company.

If the interview is going well, I would also ask, “What present employees are being considered for the position?”

And if the interview is going exceedingly well, I would finish with, “Can I have the job?”

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A good list, but not as critical as the answers to their questions.

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@blueiiznh : An interview is a process of discovery for all involved. It is just as important to anticipate answers to possible interview questions as it is to find out about the company itself. A person doesn’t want to jump into a “burning building”, so to speak. Asking good question can help a potential employee avoid that scenario. More importantly, asking good questions alerts the potential employer that the person being interviewed has a good head on their shoulders.

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Wow that’s a great list! Thanks for posting it here, I’ll be making use of it in the coming days and weeks as I go on job interviews :)

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I think it’s a good list. I would certainly hire someone who asked those types of questions. They all show that the person is very interested in the job and the money. So they won’t just do the bare minimum so they can get paid.

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It’s a fine list.

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That’s actually one of the better lists I’ve seen for those types of articles. I agree with @blueiiznh, though; the answers to those questions are critical, and you should use those answers for follow-up questions (if there’s time), or as a way to gauge what points to hit on in your follow-up e-mail/thank you note, to indicate your continued interest in the job/company.

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