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What would be some great questions to ask an elderly?

Asked by xTheDreamer (890points) May 3rd, 2010

What would be 15 great questions to ask an elderly(65years or older) about their life. how it used to be when they were younger.
It could be one of these categories:
-Going out/fashion/party.

Choose one of the two categories and tell me what kind of questions would you ask an elderly about one of those category back in their teenage/early years.

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An elderly what? Cat? Dog? Person?

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I would ask what did you and your friends do to have fun? And Did you ever argue with your parents about (choose one) boys, dating, the clothes you wore?

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Why fifteen questions specifically? Is this anything to do with homework?

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@Trillian I was just going to ask that.

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@WestRiverrat Sounds suspicious doesn’t it? This isn’t even someone trying to avoid reading a chapter, it’s trying to avoid thinking up questions! I fear for this generation.

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I do have to worry about today’s youthfuls. Some of them are lazies. Or maybe I am just a suspicious. Right now I am disinclined to be a helpful.

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They’d have a lot more to say that wouldn’t fit into either of those categories. Work. Culture. Hobbies. Etc.

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“an elderly” lol

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What is life like on the planet Elder?

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Who was your first crush, what were they like, & did your parents approve?

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when I was really little.. probably 3 or 4, I have a distinct memory of asking my grandfather if they had to make their own toothbrushes when he was little.

I don’t think that will help you much though.

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@xthedreamer: I fit into your category. What would you like to know about me? (Elderly is an adjective, by the way, and not a noun. See helpful.)

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I don’t think any of my 15 questions would fit into your categories. I’d ask things about history, politics, economics, science, and technology, most likely. If this is a homework assignment, I shudder to think of who the teacher is!

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What games did you play?

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One that I asked a neighbor that I did things for, she never answered directly. I asked her why she left Germany. Found out from some of her friends that she and her family left just hours before the brown shirts knocked down her door to arrest her father in 1938.

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Don’t bother.You’ll never get a straight answer out of those liars! ;)

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First off, don’t call them an elderly. If they have a cane, you’re likely to find out what it feels like to be a popsicle.

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As I said, by the querent’s definition, I am “an elderly” and just did 2.5 miles in 45 minutes on treadmill. Personally, I would sic Milo on someone who is annoying me.

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They always give the same answer….they walked 5 miles to school uphill both ways and slept 5 kids in one bed and no Facebook!

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This is not fifteen questions but here are some basic ones to get you started. If you are going to do your schoolwork online you should be upfront about it. Also be sure to treat elderly people with respect in terms of how you refer to them etc…

1. What was the fashion like when you were a teen? What was acceptable and not acceptable. Ex: My grandmother told me once that girls who plucked their eyebrows were thought of as “easy”.
2. What was the music of the day and were there certain dances that went with that music? Ex: “The Twist or The Mashed Potato”
3. What were the cliques of the day? Ex: The jocks, the preps, etc…
4. What types of cars did teens drive when going out?
5. What was the curfew for teens?
6. When asking someone out did they really ask them to “go steady”?
7. How did they get money to go out, did they work jobs after school?
8. How did they know what was going on without the internet etc..?
9. What do they think the biggest difference is between now and when they were young?
10. What did they do when they went out? Ex: dance, go to the diner, go roller skating, etc…

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Ask questions that can be pertinent to your interests. In that way a dialogue can begin, and you might learn something.

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Were Raptors really as vicious as Jurassic Park made them seem?

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Were you a flower child? Did you go to Woodstock? Did you attend a war protest that went on to become famous? How did you survive without a computer or a cell phone? Do you know what texting is? Were you in Washington when Martin Luther King spoke? How did the shootings at Kent State make you feel? Who was your hero back in the day? Did you turn on, tune in, drop out? Name your top five favorite songs from the 60’s.

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Some of these answers are very mean! I also have an interview with a woman that I’ve never met this Sat, I called the Assisted Living Home near me, (I don’t have any extended family) I a doing a History paper on someone’s life that is 70 years or older. I have a ton of questions I know I am asking. (woman’s rights, political parties, her life in a different era) So I just wanted some more insight to make me feel even more comfortable.
To all you who say you feel sorry for our generation….well maybe if you stop being so negative there is more to her story, as there is mine! I’m sorry but she was brave enough to get on here and ask! Why not give some usable answers….instead of nasty comments!
Good Luck to the girl who asked a question! That’s how we learn!

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