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What special requirements do streaming servers have..? need?

Asked by gazp (6points) June 29th, 2007

Ok quite simply why shoud you set up a dedicted streaming server for video files?

Appart from bandwidth requirements.

Why cant quicktime encoded and flash encoded video not just been hosted from a normal apache, or other web server ?

Why should i invest in a quicktime streaming server or a flash media server, what benefit does they provide??

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Besides obviously more efficient use of the network bandwidth, the streaming media server approach has these advantages:

Better audio and video quality to the user.
Advanced features like detailed reporting and multi-stream multimedia content.
Supports large number of users.
Multiple delivery options.
Content copyright protection.

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Of course it depends on your requirements (mainly, how much data you need to push through the pipe). If you need something really fast, you could set up a server with very high data rate hard drives, for example, compared to a typical web server.

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