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I would like to post a long video of my websites and emails abuse , but youtube and google will not accept it. Does anyone know of a website that I could post it to for others to see?

Asked by greeneggg (5points) August 11th, 2014

This second video I made will allow others to know it could happen to them. My Websites and Emails were deleted I had no knowledge in who was responsible. That prompt me into making my first video as it regards my deleted accounts. That’s how I found out who copyright infringed my domain names. I feel the public should heard the truth.

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Youtube will let “trusted” people – long timers -post long videos. You have to earn trust from them (and almost anywhere else).

I’m not aware of any place that lets newbies do this.

If you really want to get this out, you can pay for a hosting site (make your own home page and let it stream from there) but that’s probably more work than you want to do.

I would caution you about this, however, because you are pretty likely to be sued if you “name names”. Is that your goal?

My other observation is: even if you post this, is anyone going to watch it? Does anyone really care about your problem? Sure this is important to you, but is this any more than a crazed rant? Does anyone other than you think this is important?

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Post it on your Facebook page.Post it on a video storing site and link to it via twitter.

But really, an hour? You can’t say it/show it in a couple minutes? 6 or 7 minutes tops?

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Verify with a phone account and you can post youtube videos as long as you like.

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I’m pretty sure everybody knows that this can happen to them. I think there was an article or two about it in the newspapers a few years ago. I vaguely remember a friend telling me that Good Morning America did a segment on cyber bullying, too, but I didn’t believe him. I mean, it’s so rare. Maybe you’re right. Maybe we need another homemade video on the subject, this time from the unique point of view of the victim. I wish I would have thought of that.

Post it on Youtube. It’s perfect for what you really want. Then you can post another about the unending abuse you’ll take in the comments section for posting a video of you whining about your victimization by cyber abuse in the guise of a a new, unique take on cyber abuse in general. Then you could post yet another video of you whining about the abuse you’ll be sure to take in the comments section of the second video… and the third, and on and on and on. This could get to be a lifetime gig for you, which makes you one of the lucky ones. It is depressingly rare for someone to find an occupation doing what they do best.

Go for it, man. Be all you can be.

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Why not simply report the person to the police?

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You should be able to verify your account on Youtube by increasing your limit.

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Could it be the content itself that’s causing Google and Youtube to turn it down?

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You can also break it up into several shorter clips (e.g. Part 1 of 6).

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Thank you to all those who have responded. To Stop first response.You said YouTube only let trusted people in.” I have over fifty videos that I consider VIP on YouTube and never had a problem adding more including the last one “Gigi Websites and Emails” that was recently deleted. I know why now, and it also tells me, why should I trusted YouTube? Especially since I from out whose behind all of this. Unless you didn’t understand my Business, Personal Websites and Emails are deleted and I paid for Domain Names.(Hosting Websites) My life’s works were shared for business and social media networks purpose. My Domain names has been taken and used by another user. My Contents has been replaced with the users Contents. They were my Home Sites, “its called Copyright Infringements”.

To second responds:That was in my first video called “Gigi Websites and Emails” it was posted on all social media networks.

And to everyone who responded: There’s and old saying “starter the grass to ratter the snakes”.

After several months of researches, reported to the FBI, FCC, Cyber Police and Consumer Rights Complaints. Made telephone calls to Companies, that may have had power to deleted. They all denied that they had any involvements, as one company had said “such an hideous act”. Leaving the coast clear of anyone that I’m doing business with, my very last option was to make and post a video. That’s the one I mentioned, in watching the video it was obvious I’m stress out, hurting, and not to mentioned scared. Scared because I am wondering like crazy, asking myself over and over “who in this world would want to harm me, destroy my business or take my life after all of my years of hard work and servicing as a community activist? With a foundation called T.E.A.R. International, Inc. for children who are innocent victims of gang and violent crimes since 1991. With limited funds. The timing for this to happen to me is way out of sink, three weeks after I posted “Gigi Websites and Emails Video”. I finally got a call from the perpetrators and please believe me I was stunned or shocked that this very large company or corporation would do this to me after having a register domain names, web hosting, I’ve been paying them since 2005 until now. However, I was relieved to know who and what I’m dealing with and it solved the fear. The Representative of the Company and the CEO of the Company told me why they deleted part of my life. What they were saying had to deal with another one on their companies and nothing to do with me. However everything I was saying was going into one of their ears and out the other, they kept ignoring me, they made it their business to kept going back to telling me why they ended partnership with another company. As though My websites and emails meant nothing to them. They didn’t care that I’m in production and casting for a film, they didn’t care why they deleted my business websites and emails. A non-profit, for fundraisers, donations,investors. And the proceeds from Films, CD, merchandises, etc are funds to use for T.E.A.R.S. to continue its ongoing mission including building a hospital and complex . When they deleted my Websites, over 4000 Emails, and VIP folders they knew they would jeopardized everything I’m doing from film making, selling merchandises, etc., They knew I needed my VIP contacts for support. They knew how bad we needed funding’s for T.E.A.R.S. and they knew what my websites stood for that. they also knew we are not receiving any government funding’s nor requesting funds from the families we serve. They knew that the productions I’m doing could bring in the real funds to support T.E.A.R.S. and get the staff it needs. They knew my paid register Domain Websites were linked to my other my websites so people, companies, investors and more could follow me. They knew of every websites and social media networks I and T.E.A.R.S. are on. The bottom line they knew enough to love me or hate me. The opening words in my first “Gigi Websites and Emails” are “somebody hates me so much etc” I explained the Hate word from the directory in the new Video. Little did I really know those chosen words turned out to be very true. They knew everything about me including how to contact me by telephone, email, alternative emails addresses or mail to US Postal Service if they needed to talk to me or informed me of anything I needed do or change. However they refused to do either. They knew the wrong they had done to me, the lies they told me, the stress, business losses, pain, sufferings and much more they had cause me. They refused to be accountable for any of their actions or make me an offer period. They ignored the facts I’m a business and career woman. Of course they know what I look like and stand for. They knew I was not going to be abused by them and call it a day. However they decided to test me. They used me as their lap dog, I am bullied, deceived, they are using the maximal mental/emotional abused, to take it further my whole computer is attacked with limited usages, Microsoft Technician found spy wares placed on my top desk so I can be spy on as he explained. He could see it was them. My other accounts with my IDs,and Passwords are blocked, I can’t send videos and files to my other accounts or anyone. As I had mentioned early I’m in Productions. I’m casting actors for up coming reading for a Musical Film (for Investors only). because of what they are doing I’m forced to cast again. They blocked me from uploading videos and files that are requested from others “as a need to have”. All email submissions from Actors, casting agents and casting company are being deleted, moved or in trash folder, every time I removed them and put them into their named file, they take them out in put them in SPAM. All of this and more are in my new “Gigi Websites and Emails Video 2” After they blocked my ID, and Passwords so I couldn’t login into my other accounts. I researched and I found out they ‘re all company partners, causing me more stress, etc. What is good about this I took the first stand and placed my first video on all social media networks by doing that it brought them out to confession, but they would not be accountable for their actions and my losses. Later they removed the first video from all outlets. So it could no longer be watched. Second video is really no different from the first, the only different is this time I know who they are. However, I’m expressing more of the abuse, loss of funds, the lies I’m told and deceptions that I’m still going through with them. I feel the people should know the real truth, because these Corporations and Companies people do truly feel in their minds that their so big to the point, they don’t have to be accountable period, and I’m to small to touch them. They feel its not a public opinion or affair. In my video I expresses child bully and corporate bully, to me its much the same., All of it hurts. If they would have respected themselves and take accountable for their actions and respected me as a valuable customer for using them in the first place and staying with them from the time they got started since 2005, and before they made the cross over, “the first video would had never been made”. I was a faithful customer and used all of their products. However they didn’t take that in consideration, They were the very first ones I called before I made the first video, in a matter of fact, I called them on several differed occasions because the person who replaced my Contents with his Contents used my Domain Names, he’s under the same company I am. that was the only reason for me contacting them, they denied four times that it was not them and even put it on another company’ , I was forced to call that company, they said it was not them. For the “sake of one more time”, I called them back and I got hammered, bullied and hanged up on. If they would had admitted to me what they had done to me on the first time I called them, there would had never been a First Video Made, Their attacks got vicious because they refused to be accountable for their hateful, evil actions. You know what. My musical film entitled Space The Intangible Reality reminds me of them, I didn’t realize that until now.

And to the first respond: Yes, I do think people should care, my problems are our problems with big companies and corporations, if it don’t reflect them, it will reflect some one they love. Do you really believe they would have the Guss to SUE me, maybe they are stupid enough to try. Any time they can have the nerves to attack me in the way their doing now. They real words are, I’M NOT STUPID. And no one should stand back or sit back and let anyone or anything take away what God gave them and if you’re not a believer then believe in something so you can help stop the abuse or victimized ,there are three groups of people, “Those who watch what happens, Those who wonder what happens and Those who made things happens”. I’ve been on this earth to long to watch these kind of things happen to anyone, if it wouldn’t had happened to me and it was you, it happened too, I had to take a stand with you and help the fight. I’ve don’t have to wonder whats going on around me. I can see what went wrong and take a stand, if this didn’t happen to me and it had happened to you, I’ll stand with you and help the fight. I have the courage to change the things that I can and the wisdom to know the different, if it didn’t happen to me and it happened to you, I have the courage to stand with you and fight to help make a change. This video is asking to help stop this, so it wont happen to anyone else. Of course in my first video I didn’t know who it was so no names are mentioned, however in my second , this one, its telling all names.

To the last responds: I can’t make this my life time calling, but I can stand for others and myself. I love to express in writing and making movie of it. Telling stories that will make people smile and laugh when they’re feeling ill or worried. Stories that make you feel like you can’t wait for the next day, because you’re so excited with happiness . Stories that had never been told before so we all can feel equal in caring about each other. Stories about showing kids to be kind to family and friends. I love to bring joy. I love acting in parts that show courage and love, my singing in the same order. That’s my mission and nothing can stop me from doing it. and my greatest goal is to put up T.E.A.R.S. Chapters and Hospitals all over the world. One more thing to first responds: to the beautiful bird I see you have flying, I’m not a man, I’m a woman. And thank you, I will be all I can be and more,

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@greeneggg If your post is representative of why your videos are way too long and are being deleted, you need to learn to edit.

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There’s and old saying “starter the grass to ratter the snakes”.

If that’s your definitive arguement, I’d skip the whole project if I were you.

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edit: argument.

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zenvelo: What you got was the insight of the first Video, actually the first Video was who in the hell would do this to me? 15 min. or less and the Second is 23 or 24 or less. Its a little longer because now I know I’m dealing with wolves and they need to be expose. The bottom line they should have had a little human decency or care about how they had stop my business for over six months, my livelihood, bread and butter or what ever you wont to call it, it was mine, mine, mine! I pray you got that. They should had made and offer or settlement for the loss of my expenses. Oh, I wanted you to read, reading is good for the mind. Maybe next time I’ll make it longer. And besides you’re not the only one I’m giving thanks to (listening), there were five or six response that I responded to all at once. Got my drift.

gailcalled: I’m not expressing myself to amuse you, I voice because its right in your face. If you don’t seek you will never fine. My first video did bring the snakes out. If they were not snakes why did they hide the truth, when they were questioned three or four calls back, they waited until they either heard about it or saw such a video blasted on social media networks? I can see you’re not tune? But that’s OK, its only cat eyes. There is old saying a cat have nine lives not five or six senses.

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@greeneggg You have two problems here. The first is that no one really cares about your experience. So, if you want to communicate this warning to others, you need to present it in a way that makes people care. That is most of your battle right there.

Your second problem is that you communicate your thoughts very poorly. You substitute wrong words in almost every one of your sentences. You have twice referred to “old sayings” that don’t actually exist in English. If you want people to listen and understand what you are saying, give your script to someone to proofread, so that it can be improved before you make your video or publish your words.

And… you keep addressing a user named “Stop”. No such user exists. The user’s name is @elbanditoroso (see how the @ sign pulls up the names of people who are participating in the question?). He just happens to have an avatar that is a stop sign.

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@dappled_leaves – thanks for correcting her. I stopped reading what she wrote 48 hours ago.

It goes back to the point I made in my first reply. The OP has a grudge, no question about it. But I’m not sure that haranguing in Fluther (lacking paragraphs) in what appears to be a stream of consciousness eruption, does anything to make her case. Or even to take her seriously.

If a person has a grudge or a substantial compliant, that person presents it cogently and persuasively. And lets the reader understand that case and draw one’s own conclusions.

One doesn’t exude 1000 words of diarrhea that no one can possibly get their hands around.

Who would ever want to suffer through it?

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WTH is going on??

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