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What's your opinion of my favorite tv shows?

Asked by luigirovatti (2836points) November 7th, 2023

I’m not being pompous or anything, I’ve been on the website for a few years, it’s time I shared with you something. Feel free to comment what you think. Here’re the series I like:

- Numb3rs (for the scifi and math)
– Southland (for its realism)
– Baywatch (for the fanservice, but most of all, because it looks like you’re serving the greater good, well, just watch it)
– Without a Trace (more emotional than other procedurals)
– Medium (it’s a bit long, but has his moments)
– One Tree Hill (famous at the time, it had a good chemistry between characters)
– Silent Witness (like CSI, but better, long too).

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Numbers – the first year – was pretty good. The program went WAY downhill after that, to the point where it wasn’t worth watching.

No opinion on the others.

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I’m glad you enjoy them but have no opinion as I’ve never seen any of them.

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I liked Numb3rs but didn’t watch it for that long, maybe due to @elbanditoroso‘s comment. Liked Medium, which reminds me I also liked The Mentalist. Didn’t take a lot of thought but was fun.

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Out of your list, I’ve NOT seen most for various reasons.I enjoyed the original Baywatch but never really got into the remake. I’m a HUGE fan of Without A Trace & enjoy binge watching whenever possible. If I find Numb3rs available to binge on, I’ll probably try it.

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I’m out of it. Never even heard of any of those TV shows. I just watch old movies on the Ruko streamer.

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I enjoyed Numb3rs. It’s pretty unrealistic, but when you suspend your disbelief, it’s great geeky fun. Never got into the other shows.

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I liked Numbers and Medium. I didn’t watch any of the other ones. I have seen maybe 10 minutes of a Baywatch episode a few times.

My favorites would be Fringe, Counterpart, Big Bang Theory, MASH, just to name a few.

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I’ve never seen any of them.

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I don’t watch enough TV to have favorites or to judge yours.

I am sure they are fabulous!

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What defines a TV show nowadays? The line is so blurred.

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^^ anything on that “Boob Tube”

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^^ Anything that is not released initially in a theater. Cable, streaming service, YouTube — all television.

Viewed on an actual television, phone, tablet, or computer — all television.

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@Forever_Free I watch movies on my “boob tube” all the time. Does that make it TV?

@cookieman I’ve seen plenty of movies that were not released in theater. For example “The Tragedy of Macbeth” by Ethan Coen was not released but is clearly a movie. Netflix and Prime release direct to streaming movies all the time.

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^^ Oh sure. I guess I think of those as made for Tav movies, but you are correct.

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I think I understand liking Without A Trace – I haven’t watched it in a about 20 years, but I enjoyed it.

I’ve never heard of One Tree Hill, Southland, or Silent Witness.

Numb3rs I couldn’t watch more than a few minutes without complaining about how impossibly improbable it seemed. I like the concept well enough, but the writers of whichever episode I tried seemed to have no sense of implausibility. Numbers can’t help solve mysteries, unless the person also has a serious understanding of the subject, and the writers in that episode did not. So it struck me as a betrayal of what I liked about that concept.

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I’ve watched a few episodes of Medium. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad. The rest, I haven’t ever seen.

Good point about what a TV show is now. I get confused about it, too. What I think of as movies are often considered TV shows now. I guess in my mind, I will always think of a TV show as a weekly episodic thing, like All in the Family or Baretta or Columbo or ER.

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