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Why can't I load an app onto my Kindle fire?

Asked by LuckyGuy (34871points) June 14th, 2012

I keep getting the error message “There was an error purchasing xxx. Please click here to add an address to your account (this will open your browser) and try again.”
I have clicked the “click here” numerous times and have entered my email address and password at least 4 times and still get the same useless error message. I have an address registered. I can go online and look at it. This is extremely frustrating. What am I doing wrong?
Or, should I just admit this Kindle Fire is a stupid mistake and I should have gotten an iPad?

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Hmmm, you’re sure you’re not entering anything with typos? I’ve never had this issue with my Fire tablet.

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I have had so many issues with the Amazon App store on my Droid X and tablet that I would never consider a Kindle Fire unless I jailbroke it (like I did my Nook Color). You cannot blame the Tablet; it’s the App Store itself that is the culprit.

BTW, I have the apps on there to read Kindle and Nook stuff, so it’s not like I cannot access both book stores from my NC

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I’m sure I am typing correctly. I’m connected to Wifi. I’ve sent presentation files to it an they work nicely.
Do I have to give them a credit card even though I am only looking at a free app?
@jerv That App Store is a joke. If they want people to use it they’d better fix it up and make it easy – and do it quickly. People will get discouraged.
I’m a techie and I find this confusing and frustrating.
Amazon needs to hire 5 people who have a clue and let them fix the mess they call the app store.
If I don’t figure this out soon I will root mine and just use it as a display device – or a door stop. The iPad works.

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@LuckyGuy I find e-readers to be useless unless they are rooted.

Actually, rooting isn’t enough; I wiped it out completely and went with CyanogenMod

Come to think of it, the reason I picked the Nook Color was because it was on the official “Supported devices” list for CM7. There is a push to get the Kindle Fire on that list too in order to improve the quality of the ports, but as it stands, many people have gotten CM7 to run on a Fire with few problems. Some even use CM9, which os based on ICS instead of GIngerbread!

If the iPad works nearly as “well” as my Pod Touch did, then I would say that you have a rather looser definition of “works” than I do. I consider “does what I bought the thing to do” to be a prerequisite for “works”, and I couldn’t even find a decent PDF reader for iOS, nor could I do anything even close to resembling a fascimile of file management, and what little I could do could not be done from teh device, but required being connected to a computer that had a bad port of iTunes (the Windows version of iTunes is flaky at best) so I would advise against that route unless you have a Mac already.

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