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What literary movement would you assign Edgar Rice Burroughs to?

Asked by Nullo (21911points) June 14th, 2012

I’ve browsed the Wikipedia list of literary movements and haven’t been able to pin him down very well.

I’m particularly thinking about his use of mundane humans as a sort of an all-around superhuman, in the stories of his that I am familiar with (the Tarzan and Barsoom series, the first having a guy tough enough to rule the apes and bright enough to teach himself written English while lacking any sort of proper language, and the other a guy whose terrestrial origins let him outclass everybody on Mars).

Do his works not even fit?

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I don’t believe in trying to categorize artists, how can we? Sure, some fit into certain boxes of genre but, plenty do not. They are free flowing and innovative, ever surprising and random in their expressions and defy description. E.R.B. is one of the unboxable artists. :-)

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The Barsoom series is fantasy the Tarzan books come under romanticism.

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He was an early fantasy writer.

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Pulp fiction.

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Fantasy. There are no Tigers in Africa. ;-)

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He was definitely a capitalist. His pulp writings made money so he wrote more and more of them. Money takes writers in directions they might not otherwise go.

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