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How would you imagine the Fluther independent state?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20117points) June 15th, 2012

If we had our own independent state with fluther laws, fluther politics, generally a fully functioning state. How do you think it would turn out? Would there be peace, harmony and a smooth way of life or would we end up killing each other? How does a vision like that sound?

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It would fall apart in months. As a place to visit online, it’s easy to put up with the inconveniences and stupidities. In the real world, people would get pissed off in a few days and everyone would leave.

I know. Not a popular point of view.

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aha, but what if we outlawed leaving and getting pissed off!

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The South would still lose the civil war since NASCAR is on. Ideally we wouldn’t let them come back in the union this time.

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Who’s going to pay for it? Lots of jellies seem to think their bills are somebody else’s problem. If that is the case, what happens when the jellies who disagree go to some other site.
Answer, no.

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We’d have a freaking lot of parties every month.

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It would be a bear diplomatically, but imagine the meals. The food would be amazing.

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There would likely be a lot of nudity, and pancake eating contests.

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@WillWorkForChocolate Nekkid chocolate chip pancake eating contests. Cool

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Would that make me the president?

We would have a smart and well spoken population, and most of the people would like and care about most of the other people. Meals would, indeed, be fantastic. I imagine there would be a lot of sex, too. Bullying and physical violence of any kind would not be tolerated. The punishment would be exile from the community, either temporarily or permanently.

We would pay for it all by selling advertising space on the outside of our walled community. (There are openings in the wall, and comings and goings aren’t restricted or anything.) Advertising within the walls would be prohibited, naturally.

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@augustlan Oh man, sounds so good.

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@augustlan Sounds great to me too! And we could say almost anything, but if we said anything out of anger or frustration, or something that was not in keeping with standards of the community, those things would just, magically, disappear, as though we had never said them. We would never have to worry about having said them. And in Flutherstan we would have 10 minutes to revise and edit anything we said. As someone who is often troubled by what flies out my mouth sometimes, without thinking sometimes, I would love that!

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Lots of cakes in the frizzer.

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@jca : I’m not eating anything pulled out of that frizzer.

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The USSR is gone. Learn from that.

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@woodcutter : Are you suggesting that we start by occupying the lands of the former USSR? Cool! No, cold! Brrr.

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@augustlan Would be a benevolent, kind-hearted, but firm, dictator, along the Platonic ideal.

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I denno, but I’d make sure that everyone gets free pillows. Pillows for all!

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I could use a couple of those pillows, but wait…whats the catch?

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None! You just have to make sure to hug it at least once a day.

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What kind of “pillows” you thinking ‘bout, special ones?

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You’re thinking of those. I’m talking about pillows you sleep on. They look like bags of chips, they’re all big and puffy with cute little corners and seams. Some are flat, some are foamy, some have feathers inside. You can squeeze and hug them and sleep on them, and they’re not boobs! Pillows!

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@Symbeline Are those down pillows? Because I am very particular about my pillows. Unless “pillows,” because it is in quotation marks might be “code.” Then I am clueless.

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I’d have all kinds. All sorts of pillows for everyone’s needs.

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O.K. Sadly, I like down pillows. They don’t have to be eider down, but they do have to be made from the feathers of innocent animals. I will rot in hell for that, I know, but that’s how I like my pillows. No foam, no crap. Feathers of some kind and that is that. However, I pretty much have the down and feather pillows that I have had for decades, so no bird has been plucked, on my behalf, for quite some time.

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I’m with @wundayatta on this one. I’ve only been a member about six months, and to this point I’d say Fluther-like politics would collapse the country in hours. As for someone saying there are no bullies in Fluther, they are here just like anywhere else. College level education just makes you more eloquent, not less dictatorially.

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I’m guessing Flutherstan would be pretty stoney from the looks of a recent discussion on here…

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