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Do you know of a good place to watch classic movies online?

Asked by digitalimpression (9910points) June 16th, 2012

I’ve been watching some at Hulu but there’s not a very large library. Being classic movies, I’d assumed that they would be readily available since copyrights have surely expired etc.. Maybe I just don’t know enough about copyrights though.

Ultimately, I’d like to find a site that has tons of classic movies for me to watch. Know of one?

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I too am a classic movie buff, and that’s pretty much all that my parents watch. We used to get lots of good stuff through Netflix (including even OLD Hitchcock—early 1930s, Fritz Lang, etc.) so I recommend that.

I was disappointed with Hulu as well for this reason (it’s more geared toward television), but they have the first four seasons or so of Alfred Hitchcock presents, I was happy to discover :)

With some old movies, if the copyright is expired, and it hasn’t been re-released in the hopes of making more money, you can find them on various random streaming websites with a google search, but it’s kind of a crap shoot and you might just get directed to a bunch of ad filler sites.

Following this with interest because I’d be happy to find out someone knows about a site even better than Netflix :)

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Unfortunately, without some IP tweaking (which I don’t really want to do), I cannot get Netflix in Germany. =(

I have found some decent places to listen to old time radio but none that have movies. Radio is great, but I’m having a hankering for classic movies this month. Hopefully someone knows of a hidden gem somewhere.

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Oh, that is a bummer @digitalimpression… I can’t get Hulu in France either, I just found out, even though I’m paying them just the same.

OK… This thread got me hankering for some Marx Brothers. I started with the Steamroom sketch in A Night at the Opera….

And then!! I found out that some blessed souls have uploaded ENTIRE Marx Brothers movies on Youtube, either in whole or in parts (Part 1, Part 2, etc.) I am about to watch Duck Soup! So hopefully you can find some other good stuff on there!

And I hope someone else can answer your question more satisfactorily. Good luck!

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You might try this link:

the movies offered (500 of them) run the gamut from silent films to noir to classics & they are free

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I am a huge Silent Film buff myself, love the classics as well! Buster Keaton is my all time favorite actor/director of his time. I have found some great stuff on here Not just silent films, although they do have a great collection of Keaton Flicks among others. Hopefully you can check this site out from Germany or France. Good Luck!

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Thanks for the suggestions guys, I’ll check em out when I get a chance! Just watched “Harvey” again the other day. Older movies just have something that can’t be duplicated ever again..

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@digitalimpression : Aw, that’s a good one. It’s so sad though…

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