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Do you find it easy to follow exercise/work out dvds?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20117points) June 19th, 2012

Do you manage to keep up with the aerobics/dance routines or are they too fast and confusing? How can a person get the best out of them and manage to keep up with those fitness gurus? Your experience?

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I’m generally more a fan of working out independently, but I’ve done some kickboxing videos a couple of times. I found them fairly easy to keep up with, I was pretty much always able to stay at the same pace as the person in the video.

However, if they are going faster than you feel comfortable with/are able to follow, then you should always slow down and take it at your own pace. Slowly build your endurance until you’re able to keep up with them. Take breaks and drink water if you need to. It’s much more important to make sure that you are doing the moves in the correct form rather than just doing them as quickly as possible. Doing something a million times isn’t going to have much impact if you’re doing it wrong.

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For me, cardio routines in classes and at home are easy to follow as long as they are NOT dance routines. Endurance isn’t the issue, it is coordination and memory. You want me to know exactly where to put my feet when my feet are supposed to be at different places at different times? Whaaaa?

Like @mangeons said, kickboxing is a really fun, quick to learn at home aerobic exercise. The first few times it is hard to pick up the correct form while doing the exercises as fast as they want you to, but it gets easier. And once you learn the basics you can go to classes by different teachers or buy different DVDs to mix things up and still excel.

Sometimes videos that use weights and steps or other props can be easier to follow. I personally usually use light weights (less than 5 pounds) because I do not want to bulk up.

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I’ve used Denise Austins workout videos for almost two decades now. She has a variety of workout routines that fit every energy level and her positive attitude is helpful, though some people find her annoying. My personal favorite of hers is her kickboxing workout. I was in the best shape of my life when I stuck with that routine 4–5 days a week. I also included toning exercises such as squats and lunges and used 5 lb weights for my upper body every other day.

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@athenasgriffin I personally usually use light weights (less than 5 pounds) because I do not want to bulk up.

That’s actually a pretty common misconception. Lifting weights heavier than five pounds isn’t really going to make you “bulk up”. Honestly, if you’re using weights less than five pounds, it’s probably not doing much for you at all. I use 10–12lb. dumbbells on a regular basis and lift about 70 on the lat pulldown, and it really helps for toning, not bulking up. Of course if you lift very heavy weights over a long period of time then you’ll probably bulk up, but using dumbbells heavier than five pounds would actually be more beneficial than using lighter ones. Just a tip! :-)

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