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Do you exercise often? If so (or even if not) what kind of exercise do you enjoy the most?

Asked by ohmyword (608points) June 2nd, 2012

I prefer yoga, it’s a solid full mind/body work out… swimming is another favourite of mine. Trying to stay trim for a wedding I’m going to be in this fall and keeping active is a priority

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I exercise in fits and starts, haha. But my favorites are cycling and weight lifting.

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Walking and swimming.

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I exercise several times a week and my favorite thing is to bike riding. I love Spinning and I love taking my bike out on the road.

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I like walking and hiking and live near some really beautiful river trails in the Sierra Nevada foothills. I also love riding horses. I have not had a horse for the last 6 years now but riding is a kick ass exercise regime. Great for balance, upper body, legs/thighs/butt and strength/ isometric workouts.

I used to do 10 mile trail rides in the mountains and dismount and walk up hills a lot. Not to mention grooming, saddling, cool down, bathing. Lots of bending, stretching. Killer, killer workout. :-)

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In the military, we’re required to workout three times a week. We usually do running and calisthenics. On Monday we do calisthenics and run a mile and a half, Wednesday is whatever you want at the gym on base, and Thursday is 3 miles.

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I exercise about 10–15 minutes every weekday, but I keep it pretty limited to crunches, pushups, more crunches, and a few minutes of cardio. Recently, I’ve gotten in the habit of walking my dog every morning, before it gets too hot, but that may not last for too much longer. Aahhh, the Texas summer…

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I love Ballet, but itis very expensive where I live now, so I stopped taking classes when I moved here.

Currently I take Zumba regularly, which I like very much, and I swim or do water aerobics sporatically.

I also walk a couple times a week with neighbors, and once in a while treadmill. But, I prefer taking the classes most of all.

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I am a bicycle commuter, riding twelve miles a day an average of two and a half times a week. Usually more in summer and less in winter. Lately, I have also been doing physical therapy, exercising my shoulders.

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I exercise fairly often with plenty of running, swimming, and biking. Nowadays, it’s become occasionally that I practice some sort of CQC.

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Funny you should ask. I meet with a group today to do dance walking through the park. I loved it! A little hard to start off but once you feel the beat of the music your body just goes. Just don’t mind the people pointing and laughing.

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Running and biking with a little tennis thrown in too! 5 days a week 6 if I play tennis. I like to go for at least an hour. If I’m not dripping wet sweated, red faced and puffing when I get home, it didn’t count!

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I love walking and I do a lot of it.

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I like walking on trails in the woods with my dogs. I also do some exercise using small dumbbells, and body-weight type exercise; I don’t have any fancy equipment. However, I don’t enjoy it and have a hard time getting a consistent routine going. I do enjoy having done it, though, if you appreciate the distinction… and I definitely feel better when I’m exercising regularly.

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I go to the gym, swimming or out for a run and I try to do at least one of these things twice a week.

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I do a daily set of yoga-like stretches and strengthening and weight-bearing exercises. Every other day I am on the treadmill, even though I prefer to walk outdoors. The treadmill is there, rain or shine or gloom of night.

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None, except housework. No other exercise can cause such leg pain as scrubbing the shower while squatting, for over an hour. I could barely walk for two days, but at least my moudly shower is clean.

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Swimming, tennis, golf, kick a football around with the kids, bike ride…shomebody shtop me!!
Best exercise? Sexercise!

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I do my best to exercise every weekday. I do all kinds of stuff, I love going on long bike rides while it’s nice outside, and now that the pool is open I’ll be swimming a lot, too! A couple times a week I try do HIIT on the treadmill, which I really hate but is really good for you. Sometimes I play Just Dance 3 on the Wii on workout mode for an hour, it seriously works up a sweat! I also lift weights, just some basic stuff though, like using the lat pulldown and using 10 lb. dumbbells for different stuff. I like to switch it up so I don’t get too bored!

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I loooove to bike! I have a sweet, light road bike (my old bike was older and heavier, so I am especially thankfully for the light weight of my new bike) that I could just go forever on. Sometimes, if I am biking somewhere and I’ve reached my destination, I am genuinely bummed out. I just don’t wanna get off. I am convinced it is the most pleasant of all the humanly possible workouts. Hikings cool too. I like workouts where I’m not as conscious of the fact that I’m exercising. I need to enjoy other aspects too.

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I have only recently become a fan of exercising. That is only because I’ve started a great yoga workout! I prefer it way more than traditional exercise. It has a lot less impact on the joints.

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