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If you were a trillionaire, would you hunt velociraptors?

Asked by digitalimpression (9910points) June 19th, 2012

If not, what outlandish thing would you do?

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Only after I have constructed an Ironman suit would I hunt velociraptors. Do they even taste good? I wouldn’t hunt for sport.

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I would feed the hungry.
Probably not with velociraptor meat.

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No, I don’t like hunting. I would pick one particular need in the world and try to eradicate it.

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I actually talked about this at length with friends and co workers last week. I decided I would do just completely stupid ridiculous things. Not your typical “I’m gonna buy a boat and a fast car” crap….. Some examples….

-I would purchase a few thousand acres of farm land in the American midwest, and have a giant penis crop circle made on it. That way the Aliens know whats up.

-I would purchase an orphanage and redesign/decorate it to be exactly like the sets of the Saw movies. If the kid can make it a week, they get parents.

-I would employ thousands of people at low wages to go around shaving fortunes into cats. We’d call them fortune kitties.

-My favorite… in response to a friend stating that the first thing they would do is pay off their student loans…. I would never pay another dime on my student loans. Every month I would mail the various banks a new picture of me playing with all the money I owe them. Sometimes I would have it in quarters that I would swim in, sometimes I would have it made into a comically large hat using the largest denomination of bills available that would still provide enough material to make said hat. What are they going to do, hurt my credit score? I’m already filthy rich.

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I’d buy a country and declare myself absolute ruler of it. I’d pick out some people to be my nobles, probably turning the existing power situation topsy turvy. I’d build a huge castle and move all my new nobles in with me. Build the tallest tower in existence and genetically engineer some lady to have really fast growing hair. Strawberries would be the national crop. I’d have a chef from every culture with his/her own kitchen to constantly cook me new and delightful foods. And I’d have horses. Lots and lots of them.

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Wow, I had a whacked thought. I was thinking I could have a harem with that kind of money. Then I said what am I thinking. I don’t want that kind of money. The power it gives me would be too corrupting.

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I’d put all my money (save a ton) in the bank and become quadrillionaire.
And maybe hire one of you guys to teach me what a velociraptor is.

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@rebbel Watch Jurrasic Park. It’s a dinosuar.

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First off, I’d make Big Pharma CRY REAL TEARS by giving scientists enough money to find a cure for type 1 diabetes. And maybe some other rare autoimmune diseases for which a cure is not in the cards right now because it’s not profitable to those who control the funding of research…

Then, I’d go on a chocolate and macaroon binge in Paris and eat myself sick, but not to death! Because I wouldn’t be diabetic anymore!

Then, I’d start an international fund for trans people to pay for their transition related healthcare.

And then, after I had put some aside to invest to live on for the rest of my life… I’d give the rest to different chapters of Food Not Bombs and other such groups.

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If I were a trillionaire, I would buy the entire US medical industry and make it non profit. It would only have to pay for itself and it would be on a sliding scale.

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@Judi: I really wish you were a trillionaire.

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@Judi @bookish1 I’m almost 100% certain you’d need more than one trillion dollars for that.

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Not-So-Fun Fact: Velociraptors look nothing like the creatures in Jurassic Park. They were the size of turkeys, and they probably had feathers too.

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I tried to figure out how much we spend on health care in the US. O figure it’s about $2,338,500,000,000 per year. There are 311 800 000 people and we spend about $7500 per person per year. I may not be able to buy the whole industry, but I sure could have an influence on it!!

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I’d buy up and protect undeveloped land, along the lines of the Nature

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I would buy as much land as possible all over the world and turn it into wildlife preserves and refuges. I do not agree with hunting for “sport” at all. I would also run a rescue for horses, cats and ducks and geese, my 3 favorite creatures. I would have acres of pasture land and custom barns for my horses, elaborate cat houses and beautiful ponds for my fowlish friends. Then I would run a camp for inner city kids and teach them a love for nature and animals.

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Not for nothing, but this whole conversation came up earlier at work because I was so frustrated by this scene ..

For one, the guy is supposed to be some kinda badass hunter… but then he doesn’t even have his gun ready.. spending precious seconds folding out the butt stock….. CMON!

Yes, I know.. tis a movie…
I’d certainly never set foot on an island I knew had dinosaurs on it.

In reality, I’d probably use my trillions to cure fragile-x syndrome.

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It I had $1,000,000,000,000 I could turn it into a fortune!

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I buy my own submarine and take my friends and family on tours of the ocean’s canyons and stuff.

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Even trillionaires can’t make that which doesn’t exist magic into being. I suppose I could have a movie made showing me hunting velociraptors, but that wouldn’t be terribly exciting.

If I were a trillionaire, my money would probably come from a business that I owned, and it is doubtful that I could free up that cash. I’d have to keep on working or my company and my fortune would disappear.

The fact of the matter, is that I will never be a trillionaire because I don’t roll that way. And neither will anyone else here. There can not be that many trillionaires in the world. I don’t think there are any, yet.

However, if I had a lot of money, I would start an arts colony and surround myself with smart, creative, interesting people, and I would try to surround myself with people I loved and admired who were doing things they loved to do. I would make music and dance and write and why not? Teach wundyism to anyone who was interested. And since people would have a full scholarship to my classes, I’m sure the classes would be as full as I wanted them to be. However, I would probably take a page from Hugh Hefner’s manual. The students would all be female.

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I don’t really know. I have no desire to do anything outlandish. I would buy a faster car and see what I could get away with before getting pulled over.

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I wish I had the money to buy an elephant.

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The only person who could miss with this gun is the sucker with the bread to buy it.

I don’t actually know what I’d do with that much money, besides splurging for useless shit, like drugs and mansions…or just getting all the bills and debts done for. I could start a horror movie about zombiraptors or something. Although that’s probably already a cult hit b movie by someone who has even less money than I do…

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I’d purchase an small island, declare it as it’s own nation. Deck it out with a nuclear power plant and automated active and passive defenses to deter any tourists and whatnot. And live there. alone.

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I’d strap an industrial sized dildo onto a grizzly bear & watch them rape paedophiles in the comfort of my spacious garden alongside the olympic sized swimming pool.

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@ucme I’m always in favor of pedophiles being tortured in some way. I would have never thought of the grizzly idea though .. XD

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@CWOTUS: What would you do with said elephant? Did you know that elephants can learn to paint??

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I don’t really want an elephant, @bookish1. I just want the money.

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Lol, no. I would try to make things right, at least in some way, for most decent people. I’m not sure if even a trillion bucks would be enough for that, or even how I would go about this, but I would try. I’d be able to move ahead with my invention ideas a little easier too, since that takes money too, money which I don’t have at this moment. I would likely try to tackle some problems head on, rather than just blindly donating money to charity though.

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Ummm…..since I can spend that trillion in about three months I would have to use it to make more money. I would lease out a stadium like the Oakland Coliseum. I would have three buff muscular men in Speedos (for the women), and nine shapely women in micro thongs and 5 in heels stacking the bricks off $10,000 dollar bills to cover the floor of the coliseum four feet deep. Spectators will be allowed free but the place would be kept super warm making them thirsty where they will have to buy water and soda at near ”thousanair” prices. Those spectators who pay get to make a guess as to how much money that would be if bricks of $10,000 dollar bills covered floor of the coliseum. Whoever guess closest to the correct amount gets a free 8 bedroom mansion on 25 to 40 acres, with a 5 car garage, loaded with three exotic sports cars of their choosing. Plus they will get to grab as many bricks as they can cart of in one load without using any buckets, wheel barrels, etc. For you smart guys who think you will storm the place and steal the money, there will be 2 dozen Navy Seal snipers hidden in the rafters, and another three dozen in and around the coliseum waiting for some foolish men to try and pinch my loot.

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