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Anyone been to Don Pedro Island in Florida, or know anything about it?

Asked by pallen123 (1514points) October 14th, 2009

We’re planning a vacation, and Don Pedro Island looks nice, but we’re wondering if there are any restaurants, or anything besides sitting on the beach to do there. Taking 2 small kids and need a little more than beach lounging to keep them occupied. Thanks.

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I haven’t been there, but one site says “there are no parking lots or stores or other businesses on the island” so if you don’t own a house you don’t have any place to put a car. There are several resorts so you might check on what they offer, but Don Pedro, aka Palm Island, aka Little Gasparilla Island, is pretty much a place where you go to sit on the beach.

They do have a kid’s kayaking camp, and if you stay at Palm Island Resort they have “two playground areas, a recreation center and diverse special programs. Among them are nature hunts, self-guided bicycle nature tours, scavenger hunts, sand castle building contests, arts & crafts, shell hunts, shell crafts and more.”

Basically, you might want to go there either for the full resort experience, or just for a day at the beach. I used to live in Florida and would have loved to go there, but then I am not a small child and I love just sitting on the beach.

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No but I bet it is damned nice place.

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