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Do you like living in your time zone?

Asked by JLeslie (61652points) June 20th, 2012

When I was a kid I wished I lived in central time (CT) zone. I stayed up late to watch my favorite shows that were on from 10:00–11:00 pm and was always exhausted in school, in CT it would have been 9:00–10:00 pm. Now I live in CT, and probably eastern would be better, because I like to make most of my calls and do work in the afternoon, and anything I need to do involving the east coast I run out of time, especially if the businesses close early for the evening. Plus, with DVR for the television now, it doesn’t matter much what time a show is on. However, when dealing with the west coast, it is better to be just two hours ahead, rather than three.

How about you? Do you commute to work in a different time zone? Do you do business with other time zones that make things more complicated for you? Are you at the very end (west) or very beginning (east) of a time zone that makes your sunrise or sundown very early or late, and you prefer it was an hour different?

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I live in Eastern Time (with Daylight Time changes, too), and work in India, Malaysia, China, Indonesia and Europe. It’s all a blur to me.

Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster for (and Chrome; it won’t display in Exploder).

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For me it’s mostly just CET and GMT and they are just 1 hour apart. No problem. In the past I was involved in a lot of IT projects with people in New York and India or Singapore. Setting up a conference call can be challenging in such cases.

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@CWOTUS That’s a great link!

I like being in the Central time zone. It’s a good average for me—with many of my family and friends a hour ahead and many a hour behind.

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Well, in Denmark there’s only one time zone, so I haven’t really thought about that. It can be hard to keep in contact with people in a different time zone, though, because when they sleep I’m awake and the same the other way around.

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I’m a fan of the nighttime talk shows, so Central time is good for me (where I live). I don’t like to stay up too late. I like how the shows are shown an hour earlier than the other time zones in the states. I grew up in the Pacific time zone and I remembering staying up til very late to watch Dave Letterman and then being exhausted when I had to go to school the next day.

It’s funny to see when a cast member messes up on SNL and says a bad word. Those mistakes will be edited for the other time zones once the show airs in those zones. Live television is fun for us Eastern and Central time zone viewers. Another fun advantage of living in either the Eastern of Central time zones is that you get to see your favorite television shows first and you can spoil the show for the Mountain and Pacific time zone viewers. ;)

as you can tell it is all about tv for me

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I like to get up early, start early and finish early. I am in India. When I was in Malaysia and Singapore for a month, I liked it very much! Some of my friends in US call me up; they say it’s morning there when here it is night!

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Eastern Time zone, USA. I like it. We get most things here first on the TV, plus friends in other parts of the world are done with their work day when I come on, so they’re free to chat.

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I live in the western zone. Pacific time and yes, I like it just fine. Coming up on the summer solstice and was still light at straight up 9pm last night. I’m not a TV person so watching certain TV shows is a non-issue for me. Nothing compares to the summer nights in Northern California up here in my hills. :-)

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I live in the Eastern Time Zone and that works just fine for me, with one exception. I take technical support calls for a major cable company for a living (working out of my home), and I only service the West coast. This means, unfortunately, that I’m fielding telephone calls at 1:00 a.m. my time, which I hate.

And I agree with @JLeslie in that with the DVR, even working at night no longer causes any problems with any primetime television shows I want to watch. I just have them all record and watch them the next morning! I love that part!

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Time zone doesn’t really matter to me. I don’t watch TV. I’m not concerned with seeing things before anyone else sees them, nor with different versions of them. The most difficult time differences I face for work purposes is the three hour difference to California.

I do have a relative who lives in China. But we talk in the morning or at night, when our waking hours overlap. Plus she doesn’t seem to worry so much about hours. Her bosses are in the West, and she kind of seems to be awake when they are. So the time difference doesn’t seem to make much difference.

Frankly, I think the need for instant response is overrated.

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I miss out on some of the best conversations on here as they happen because I’m tucked up in bed about 6 hours before the vast majority of members, and it’s dead on here during my morning as the vast majority of members are in bed… I do get to see a lot of spam that appears in the middle of your nights though. I’m so lucky.

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@harple Haha…well, being in the pacific zone I too often wake up to those that have been carrying on for 3 hours or more before I wake up. Same at night. When it is 10pm in California it is 1am on the east coast sooo, some nights fluther is very dead in my zone too. lol

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Is doesn’t affect us since we don’t subscribe to cable. As a kid, we didn’t have a tv in the home so… clueless.

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I live on the extreme leading (east) edge of the US Central time zone.

Which means it gets dark at 4:30PM in the winter. You’re trying to work, and your body is saying, “Pajama time!”.

Conversely, I grew up nearby on the extreme trailing (west) edge of the US Eastern time zone.

Where sunset is at 9:30PM in June. Woo hoo!

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@jaytkay Did you grow up north of where you live now, besides being more west? I went to school in Michigan, not only near the end of ET time, but also very north so sundown in the summer was very late, close to 10:00.

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Hi @JLeslie

I grew up in Grand Rapids, now in Chicago, so about the same latitude.

Was just way up north last week near L’Anse. Are you a yooper? Yah hey dere!

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@jaytkay I think I was a yooper in a past life. It’s my favorite place in the states. I would move up north in a heartbeat. =)

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@jaytkay Just college at State, not from MI.

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@Adirondackwannabe People from the Upper Peninsula of MI. Usually abreviated UP, pronounced you pee in conversation.

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