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Has anyone tried the European Bypass Slim Ball?

Asked by boots74 (66points) May 30th, 2008

I got the advertisement in the mail, was wondering if anyone has any useful information on the product.

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I’ve gotta ask for more information. Obviously I’ve never used it if I haven’t heard about it, but maybe I used one that went by another name. Is it a sex toy or a workout tool?

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Ijust started the program. Turns out it is not exactly like Lap Banding. I have seen many people complain about it as a scam all over the net. Generally I think theses people just eat to eat. That is my problem. I can honestly say that when I stop myself and think about it the pills are working. It takes about 30 minutes for me though and not 15. I was disappointed that the ball did not swell up in a glass of water for me to see. It turns out that the acids in your stomach activate it and then it absorbs the water you drink with it. I am on day 3 and I am satisfied. I was skeptical today when my son and I did the water thing. I was real hungry for dinner and at the 10 minute mark wasn’t getting any relief. That is when I called the order line back to ask my questions. By the time I finally got off of the phone I realized the extreme hunger had faded. I believe this is going to work for me. Actually just handed my son back a large portion of my dinner. Didn’t need it to stop hunger. You must curb your eyesite hunger for this to work. Stop and take the time to realize you are not hungry anymore after about 30 minutes.

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