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Who do you think currently has the best looking avatar?

Asked by AstroChuck (37660points) May 30th, 2008 from iPhone
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rawpixels's avatar

me, of course

benseven's avatar

I like how striking JP’s is – very distinctive.

wildflower's avatar

I’m quite partial to peedub’s red-shoes-and-ankle-socks avatar, but then, I am slightly obsessed with shoes….
I also like paulc and robmandu’s colourful and masked images. And osullivanbr’s avatar is just cool, the way it almost peeks out of the image.

Although, AstroChuck’s little kid is quite endearing, makes you want to ruffle his hair and tell him to stop being cheeky.

mac316's avatar

Delerium’s avatar rocks!! Both before and after the make-over!

DeezerQueue's avatar

I like AstroChuck’s as well, it just makes me want to hug him.
Kevbo (fl) looks maniacal in his, but he’s far from it.
I also like TheHaight, she looks adorable and honest.
Delerium’s is also cute, I’m guessing that she drew it herself.

AstroChuck's avatar

Hey, that cute cheeky little kid is me @ age 5. Ain’t I adorable?

DeezerQueue's avatar

Yes, you were and still are.

PupnTaco's avatar

There was some Canadian young lady (I forget her name) whose avatar looked like a picture of my wife when she was 20. I liked that one…

Weak answer, I know.

Sueanne_Tremendous's avatar

I liked my original one, but was asked to change it. I do kinda dig AstroChuck’s….

marinelife's avatar

I like petethepothead’s and simone54’s new one.

Also, I find gailcalled’s avatar very evocative of her.

marinelife's avatar

Oh, I almost forgot spendywatson and occ. I like theirs too.

lovelyy's avatar

I agree with deleriums it reminds me of a fairy.

Okay I dont remember who it is but they drew their own jellyfish, is really cute. (he may have been named above)

Adina1968's avatar

I like AstroChuck’s Avatar. It makes me smile everytime I see it. Very Cute.

Adina1968's avatar

I also like mine. It is my beloved cat Otto. He would Fluther if he could. He is very smart and opinionated. Witty too!

marinelife's avatar

@Adina He’s gorgeous!

nocountry2's avatar

my current fav is petethepothead’s jelly

phoenyx's avatar

I like mine the best. If I liked something else better, I’d change to that.

(I like delirium’s full image)

delirium's avatar

Hahaha, thank you all! I like mine too. XD
(Phoenix, here’s a larger full image)

I really love gailcalled’s avatar. It reminds me of her.

Seesul's avatar

Well, of course I’m partial to AstroChuck. Mine kinda follows his theme, it’s a flying saucer and out of this world But, Babo, who could forget Babo? Babo loves EVERYONE. Kinda like a jelly without the stingers.

scamp's avatar

I love Babo’s!! Seesul and I seem to be her number one fans!!

robmandu's avatar

Besides several of the aforementioned, I like…

- richardhenry‘s – looks like a studious chap.

- nikipedia‘s – hot and hung over.

- Dog‘s – because it’s never a dog.

- Knotmyday‘s – because it is a dog (in a Darth Vader get-up to boot.)

- nayeight‘s – pulling her hair (likely from talking to me.)

- Harp‘s – harp that he made

- Wildflower‘s – because she’s always taking pics of wild flowers. (Speaking of which, when you gonna come over and snap some Lupinus texenis?)

And there’s more, but now I am tired of copying & pasting.

tennesseejac's avatar

i like the lady with the glowing face, she is so mesmerizing….

AstroChuck's avatar

That glowing puss belongs to asmonet.
(and one hot jelly, I must add.)

RandomMrdan's avatar

<———Captain Kirk…. I know, it’s cool.

proXXi's avatar

Me, thanks phoenix

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