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What do I give to my boyfriend as a graduation gift?

Asked by Taz0007 (145points) June 22nd, 2012

My boyfriend is graduating from Uni in the UK in a few weeks. It’s his undergraduate and we’ve been together a year and a half, so pretty serious. I don’t really know what the “done thing” is with respect to graduation presents so would love any suggestions! I’m thinking something along the lines of a book which has specific reference to life after uni or something to make him a little more organised in his new job! There is a running joke about him being late all the time but he wouldn’t wear a watch if I bought one. Thanks!

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My parents gave me some money and my sister gave me a card. I was not expecting anything to be honest with you. A graduation card and maybe drawing a watch on his wrist would be enough if he is anything like me. The best presents are usually alcohol based in my opinion. I gave my sister a bottle of cheap champagne and came up as a surprise for her graduation for a party. Really depends on your budget though…

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You could buy some cheap like cracker-box watch as a joke, that would be enjoyable.

Also, sex is the gimme present. Girls always think way too deep. Nudity, sex, food…. we’re really very simple creatures.

If you must get something more complex…. Try to get him something related to his field of study. I’m a chemist, I have several periodic tables that I hung on my walls. I want to get into forensics, so I have several forensics books. Is he a fan of a sports team? My g/f tried like hell to find me a signature of a famous Ohio State Buckeye from the teens for my birthday last year….. But then she ended up having a surprise party for me at a strip club, ordering me a big sandwich there, and doing me that night… because at the heart of it she knows what a simple creature I (and all men) are. :)

Best of luck.

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Thanks Tedd, I like the joke watch idea! He studied social policy so as it’s not that specific I don’t know what you could tie it in with…he’s also very undecided on what he’s doing next. And the sex and nudity is a given but not sure I’d like it much if his parents asked if I’d given him anything! Your girlfriend sounds incredible!

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Does his new job involve office work? What about a nice leather briefcase?

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A picture of Thatcher
tapes of “the Bill”
a swim in the Tamar.

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Practical A coupon for a professional resume service.

Anything fun or whimsical would depend upon his personal interests and how much you want to spend. Would you mind providing more information? What type of humor does he have? Does he like sports? Does he collect anything? Travel? Read? Movie preferences?

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A Hummer – if you know what I mean ;)

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