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What is the best gift idea for someone you love more than anything else?

Asked by judochop (16104points) January 21st, 2009

I want to show someone that i love very much that I appreciate and respect them way more than they will ever know. What is a good, cheap gift that I can put together?

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Is it for your wife or your daughter? Kinda’ makes a difference :)

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@augustlan It’s for my girlfriend…......
le sigh
it’s for my wife

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A hand decorated box with trinkets from your life together. Pictures, movie stubs, concert tickets, etc.
Find a wedding picture of her bouquet and have a florist
re-create it.

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Write her a love poem, make it look really pretty, and put it into a frame.
Well, if she likes that sort of thing that is. I don’t know what your wife is like.

I just know that many women (like me) would melt if our S.Os did that for us.

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Which 2 or 3 chores does she simply LOATHE? Give her a “gift certificate” saying you’ll do those chores [X] consecutive times.

You’d be giving her the gift of time.

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I’ll tell you what works for me…a letter. Tell her everything you love about her, down to the most insignificant thing. Tell her why you love those things about her. Tell her what effect she’s had on you and your life (don’t forget that emergency trip to the hospital and caring for you as you recovered). How happy you are to have her as your wife, and how honored you are to be her husband. Tell her she’s a good human being, a great wife (and what a good step-mom she’s being, too). Doesn’t cost a thing – but done with love and effort and time, and she will treasure it forever.

PS: I love how in love you two are!

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Print a calendar with your favorite pictures of the two of you. She will love the fact that you took the time to pick out the pictures yourself and have something to look at every day.

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I would also say a Love letter. My wifes favorite gifts I have ever given her are the letters I write every Valentines day and on our anniversary. Besides that, maybe a dinner by candlelight where you make her favorite meal, have her favorite music playing softly in the background, her favorite flowers on the table, and a long evening spent together talking quietly about how much you love her, how much she means to you, and how happy you are that she is in your life.

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I don’t know its always tough getting your wife or gf something I know. I just try to get her something either really nice, or something she normally would never have bought for her self. These make the best gifts I think.
(still waiting for my gifted chia pet damnit)

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A meaningful letter + meaningful photos.

For Christmas, my bf surprised me by professionlly printing out a bunch of photos he took of us that I’d never seen…I almost cried when I saw them! So much better than getting something expensive that took 2 seconds to purchase at a store…

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I would have to second the letter, with perhaps some flowers and a mix CD, which can be had inexpensively from the grocery. you really meant to say “inexpensive”, and not “cheap”, right? Cheap expression of love and inexpensive expression of love are two different things…

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oral sex. seriously.

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Have you read “The 5 Languages of Love?
You may be trying to give her a gift when “gifts” is not her love language. First figure out how SHE interprets love,and from there you can figure out what the best gift is.
Here are the 5 languages
1. Words of Affirmation- (The love letter would work great here)
2. Quality Time (A romantic date, just the two of you like @stevenb suggested)
3. Receiving Gifts: (This is more in line with your question)
4. Acts of Service (This would go along with @aprilsimnel suggestion)
5. Physical Touch (might go along with @Jack79 suggestion)
Once you figure out how she experiences Love you will be in a better position to communicate it to her.

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something from the heart, that is it, and it doesn’t need to cost anything the best gifts in the world are from the heart.

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I named a star after a boy by mixing our names and the date we met. He really dug it.

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Pictures..Teddy bears..candy..Gift Certificate..Money for shopping..Candles..Perfume..

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@augustlan I LOVE this idea. I believe I would be a blubbering mess of a girl if I received a letter like that :)

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A box of kittens!!

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Side-by-side burial plots!

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction. If you had time before the occasion came along before you had to give the gift, I would get some seed go to a wooded area near where you are or where she goes hiking or walking the dog and used the seeds to spell her name in flowers. So all spring into summer etc, when she goes there she will see her name and remember that day.

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What is the relationship with this person, that makes a difference? Photo gifts are always personal and fairly inexpensive. What exactly do you want to spend? I decorated a huge wine bottle for a boyfriend years ago he’s now my ex husband but still has the bottle. I took magazines and cut out words, phrases, pictures that were personal to US, and decoupaged them all over the bottle. Total cost was $5–10, it just took TIME.
Time and effort are the best gifts

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