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Have you heard of this or is my mother in law just looney?

Asked by Judi (39826points) May 20th, 2009 from iPhone

She wants to get 150 one dollar bills and wrap them up in toilet paper as a graduation gift for my niece. She keeps asking, “haven’t you heard of that?” no one I know has and I’m afraid my sweet niece is going to be appauled when she opens it.
If you by some chance HAVE heard of it, what the heck is it all about?

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It’s news to me. I say she’s crazy.

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Never heard of it

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I would love to get 150 dollars AND free toilet paper. [never heard of it]

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Totally batty.

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Your neice is going to get $150. If she is too freaked out to take it send it to me.

i have heard of this. it’s a variation of putting the small present in a huge box.

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She probably just needs to get rid of all the evidence that shes stripping. Just nod your head and smile.

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Must be an inside joke. I’ve never heard of such a thing.

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Ive heard of paying my crack dealer like that but never my niece… unless she starts dealin crack then all bets are off

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@Stocky stop hogging all the funny in this thread. I was here first

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Dollar bills in the TP? Your crack may be quite handsomely attended to.

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Maybe someone did it to her and it scarred her psyche so now she must do it to someone else. Or possibly it’s a variation of TP-ing someone’s house, a very high school thing to do.

The only thing I can think of is the “disguise the gift” business. After all, if you give an envelope to a new graduate they will assume it is a card or possibly a card with a check or cash in it. But if you give them a box they won’t know what it is.

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I have heard of this. My mom was crazy as well.

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I did do something similar just to mess with the receivers head. Me and my aunt filled a ginormous box with ramen noodles and gave it to my sister. Lol.

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What’s the toilet paper supposed to signify? Is it obvious or am I stupid…cuz I don’t get the toilet paper part.

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Is she that rich that she thinks people should wipe thier a%^ with cash?

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You can line it up end to end and you have to unroll like 75 feet of toilet paper to get the cash right? That’s funny.

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Sure I’ve heard of it. And of people making tissue dispensers for 1$ bills as gifts.

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The tissue dispenser idea is cute…I’m still trying to figure out the TP tho…

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nope, nope, looney

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What, did she run out of checks? Did she run out if wrapping paper? Maybe she’s trying to be funny? I don’t know… it does sound a little weird to me too.

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It sounds like a potentially crappy idea to me.

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Your mother in law sounds like a fun gal. Who cares if your niece is appalled. And appalled? Really. People getting shit thrown at them instead of gifts? Now that’s appalling.

Sometimes things are goofy and they don’t need a reason.
Fuck em if they can’t take a joke.

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I had a friend that was fond of steaming open the side of a box of Kleenex, layering money in amongst the tissues and the resealing the box so you couldn’t tell. The gift receiver would open the perforated top and pull out tissue after tissue trying to get at all the money.

This was before we realized how important it was to not waste the Earth’s resources…

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@justwannaknow; yes. She Is that rich. Maybe that’s what it’s supposed to mean.
Thanks for the great laughs all. Keep em coming!

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i think it’s silly and awesome.

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I could see @SeventhSense‘s idea of having it rolled up in a roll of tissue, but wrapping each individual one? Loony, I tell ya!

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She’s making me help her wrap them. What we do for love.

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Wait…so she’s wrapping each bill in a separate tissue? That’s not clever. It’s just annoying.

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Never heard of it.

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Looney I tell ya!

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I’ve heard of it, it’s sort of along the lines of losing a bet, so you pay the debt off (usually ten bucks or so) with dimes. Not just any dimes, but dimes dropped into a bottle of clear Karo syrup. My Dad was famous for such payoffs, and it showed how he hated to lose a bet. People stopped wagering with him after awhile. Can’t say as I blamed them.

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Maybe it was a very local custom way back when she graduated. Toilet paper? Is that supposed to be funny? I think it’s dumb and rather rude. I would not care to be the recipient, and I would not think very well of the giver. She should reconsider giving a gag gift to someone she wants loving birthday cards from. Or maybe she’d like to get “Happy Mother’s Day, Grandma” written on toilet paper and stuffed in an envelope.

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Sounds like he’d be unpopular at poker games- the wrong chips would probably end up in the dip

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@jeruba; that’s pretty much how my sister in law (the young girl who is graduating college’s mother) feels.

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It would be kind to spare the MIL the girl’s perplexed or put-off reaction, but the MIL deserves it if she is insisting. Or maybe the girl and her grandmother share a perverse streak of humor and will think it’s hilarious while everyone else just kind of stares. But there is no reason why anyone should have to help her carry this out!

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You know, they sell those gag puzzle boxes (clear plastic) that you put the money into, and the recipient has to get the ball through the maze in order to open the box to get the money out. That might be a better idea. A place that sells gag gifts or magic stuff would probably carry them.

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I’ve heard of unrolling the TP, taping the dollars to the TP and rolling it back up, but wrapping each one individually? Batty…completely batty.

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Let’s hope no one decides to use the TP before she gives it as a gift.

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Never heard of it. Money is money though, so I’m sure the niece will appreciate the thought

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Ooh! Who else has done this one? You take the biggest gift and put in a place nearby. Put a note in a small box and give it to the receiver. That note will lead to another note and to another note and then to the gift. I always make mine rhyme so its silly. I think its the sweetest. Thing. Ever.

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One more thing she’s doing, she is taking the liberty of signing some of the cousins names to the card.

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They do make toilet paper that has the image of money printed on it. Could be what she has seen. But thinks it was done with real money.

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I don’t think so. She thinks it’s some old tradition when you graduate college. She never went to college so I think she is mis-remembering something.
She has been having a hard time pulling her thoughts
together lately

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Try telling her it would be nicer to fold it into carnations and make a bouquet with drinking straws and colored tissue paper. (I have no idea…but you can figure it out.) That way it’s a fun gift that does not make her niece think of poop.

Also, fifteen ten-dollar bills would be easier on everybody.

Gag gifts among college students are not suitable for an aged and batty aunt. But aged and batty aunts do tend to be hard to persuade.

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I’m the aunt (only a little aged and the jury is still out on the batty part. ) she is the grandma matriarch.

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My aunt gave my cousin $200 in loose change inside a coffee can. She also gave him the paper wrappers to roll change. It was funny, but I wouldn’t do that to someone.

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Please get her checked!!! :)

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