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Best treatment for blisters?

Asked by nighttripper (162points) May 30th, 2008

I have one on the back of each heal and they hurt :(

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There are some gel pads that work fairly well. Is it broken or still whole?

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Don’t pop them. They might pop on their own, but don’t do it yourself. Gel pads might work, as would a loose bandage taped over the blister. Clearly, you got them from some new, ill-fitting shoes, so I would avoid them until the blisters have healed. If you can get away with flip flops or sandals without a back, try that to avoid irritating them further.

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If you go to the doctor they have you lie down on a table, and they freeze the blister with Nitrogen. Once it freezes they use a regular kitchen knife to cut it off. It bleeds like crazy and hurts for 20–25 minutes after that, and must be done about once every 2–3 weeks, but it’s the best way to permanetly remove the blister.

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i think thats for a wart not a blister…

Im really curious as to what that comment said that was removed twice now

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It’s actually for both, I’ve had two warts and 7 blisters from nearly living in my cleats. Unless the blister is minor in pain, I reccommend getting it cut off immediately. If it’s killing you, try using some “blister band-aids.” But for warts, get them cut off the day you find the little root that begins to pop out, if you don’t it may spread.

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@shilolo I’m aware that you might be one of (if not the only) medical expert here on Fluther. Although I know very well that the advice is not to break a blister, it’s how I’ve always dealt with them as an adult, using a sterilized needle. Simply put, I find that they heal much faster. While I may have bucked all of the odds, I’ve never had an infection as a result, but always clean well afterwards, and immediately cover with a Bandaid and change daily, being sure to clean.

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The podiatrist I worked for used the needle method, followed by a bandage with an antibiotic cream on it to avoid infection.

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